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employee, worker; clerk; help; servant
use, employ; engage; exercise; hire
be employed; be used to; occupy oneself



(n.) = employee ; clerk ; staffer ; worker ; staff member ; member of the staff ; attendant.
Ex: LIBR (short for library) is used in English-speaking faculty members or employees who wish to access the library from their own terminals.
Ex: The cataloguer is expected to find to correct form and write it on a worksheet, so that it can be entered by the clerk doing the keypunching.
Ex: The increasing involvement of staffers in electronic information products has had only a modest impact on how journalists do their jobs.
Ex: At our library in Minnesota we have clearly identified material that deals with mudpies, leprechauns, senior power, red power, the Chinese New Year, prisoners' rights, and workers' control.
Ex: This allows the faculty or staff member to identify his primary library for searching purposes.
Ex: There were at the time about 90 patients and 80 members of the staff with their families in the building.
Ex: Other libraries allow bags to be brought in but an attendant is employed to check the contents as the reader leaves the library.
* basado en el empleado = employee-centered.
* despedir a un empleado = dismiss + employee.
* empleada de hogar = housemaid.
* empleada doméstica = maid.
* empleado a tiempo completo = full-time employee.
* empleado como propietario, el = employee ownership.
* empleado de correos = post office clerk.
* empleado de funeraria = mortician.
* empleado de la compañía suministradora de agua = water board engineer ; water board engineer.
* empleado del estado = state employee.
* empleado del gobierno = government employee.
* empleado de librería = bookstore clerk.
* empleado de línea aérea = airline official.
* empleado de mantenimiento = maintenance employee ; maintenance worker.
* empleado en = in evidence in ; in evidence in.
* empleado que no tiene una tarea asignada fija = floater.
* empleados = personnel ; staff.
* pluriempleado = multiple job holder.
* prestación al empleado = employee benefit.
(n.) = personnel ; staff.
Ex: Application areas include: personnel records, mailing lists, accident and incident records, clinical and health records, committee minutes and records, and so on. Ex: The current LC MARC data base contains both records created by the LC staff and those created by co-operating libraries and verified by the LC. (v.) = employ ; expend ; engage.
Ex: The size of the collections in which the LCC is currently employed is likely to be a significant factor in its perpetuation.
Ex: Command of various techniques for forecasting payments and managing funds is necessary to expend fully without overspending the annual materials budget.
Ex: Some questions to consider before engaging a consultant are: are the consultant's services needed?, could existing staff do the job?, can you afford aconsultant?.
* emplear como/de = engage as.
* emplearse a fondo = spare + no expense ; go + all out.
* emplear tiempo = spend + time ; expend + time ; devote + time.
* tenérselo bien empleado = it + serve + Nombre + right ; have it + coming.

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