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enterprise, undertaking; venture, gamble; business, company; firm; task; employer; employment; car dealership



(n.) = business [businesses, -pl.] ; commercial firm ; company ; corporation ; firm ; business enterprise ; outfit ; business interest ; business firm ; industrial firm ; commercial enterprise ; operating company.
Nota: Perteneciente a un grupo.
Ex: To a small or mid-sized business, information is critical for effective planning, growth and development.
Ex: Difficulties over access to these can arise when research project has been financed by a scientific organization or commercial firm who have an interest in maintaining security.
Ex: Among the companies offering 'Mice' are Microsoft, Vision and Apple, but more are anticipated.
Ex: The main form of knowledge transfer and the basis for decision making within corporations has not been a paper, a document or a detailed report, but a set of overhead slides and the discussions around them.
Ex: The European Development Fund finances projects in overseas countries for which European-based firms can supply equipment and know-how.
Ex: The 'Books at work' project in Kalmar in southern Sweden is the result of collaboration between trade unions, business enterprises and the public library.
Ex: The author compares the advantages and disadvantages of buying from the larger established companies and smaller outfits.
Ex: As an example, the University of Hawaii libraries have installed an online catalogue on which they will hang a special assortment of databases that are needed by Hawaii and Pacific business interests.
Ex: Collection and preservation of records is an expensive pursuit and the task of persuading cost conscious business firms that they ought to preserve their records is an unenviable one.
Ex: In libraries serving industrial firms, for example, the cost of not finding information may be high; this is why 'hard headed businessmen' add to their overheads by paying for extensive library services.
Ex: Some commercial enterprises subsidise satellite communications for academic institutions.
Ex: In the future, these files will be made readily accessible to other Glaxo operating companies through the use of computers.
* a cuenta de la empresa = at company expense.
* administración de empresas = business administration.
* admnistrador de empresa = firm administrator.
* archivo de empresa = business archives.
* ascender en la propia empresa poco a poco = work + Posesivo + way up.
* biblioteca de empresa = commercial library ; industrial library ; corporate library ; company library ; business library.
* bibliotecario de empresa = industrial librarian.
* cena de empresa = corporate dinner ; company dinner.
* comida de empresa = company dinner ; corporate dinner.
* como las empresas = business-like.
* conglomerado de empresas = conglomerate.
* contratación de personal cualificado de otras empresas = lateral hiring.
* curso mixto de clases y práctica en la empresa = sandwich course.
* dejar la empresa = jump + ship.
* de la propia empresa = company-owned.
* de toda la empresa = systemwide.
* director de empresa = company director.
* directorio de empresas en base de datos = corporate directory database ; company directory database.
* dirigir una empresa = run + a company ; run + a business.
* documentación de empresas = business record.
* empresa afiliada = sister company.
* empresa comercial = commercial agency ; commercial vendor ; commercial business ; business firm.
* empresa con solera = established player.
* empresa consolidada = established player.
* empresa constructora = property developer ; housing developer.
* empresa consumada = established player.
* empresa de búsqueda personalizada de ejecutivos = headhunter.
* empresa de cobro de deudas = debt collection agency ; collection agency.
* empresa de contabilidad = accounting firm.
* empresa dedicada a la venta por correo = mail order company.
* empresa dedicada al desarrollo de productos = product developer.
* empresa dedicada a los sondeos de opinión = polling firm ; polling agency.
* empresa dedicada al proceso del cereal = corn processor.
* empresa de grandes derroches = high roller.
* empresa de investigación = research firm.
* empresa de la limpieza = cleaning firm.
* empresa de limpieza = janitorial business ; cleaning business.
* empresa de márketing = marketing company.
* empresa de medios de comunicación = media company.
* empresa de mudanzas = mover.
* empresa de nuestro grupo = sister company ; sister organisation.
* empresa de nueva creación = this sort of thing ; startup [start-up].
* empresa de ordenadores = computer company.
* empresa de reparto de paquetes = package delivery company.
* empresa de seguridad = security firm.
* empresa de servicios = service organisation ; service agency ; service company.
* empresa de servicios de información = information broker ; broker ; information broking.
* empresa de servicio social = social utility.
* empresa de servicios públicos = public utility ; utility company.
* empresa de solera = established player.
* empresa de telecomunicaciones = computer bureau.
* empresa de trabajo = industrial affiliation.
* empresa de un grupo = operating company.
* empresa de viajes = travel company.
* empresa en la que sólo pueden trabajar empleados que pertenezcan a un sindic = close shop.
* empresa familiar = family business ; family-run business.
* empresa farmacéutica = drug company.
* empresa filial = subsidiary company.
* empresa hipotecaria = mortgage company.
* empresa industrial = industrial firm.
* empresa multinacional = multinational ; multinational corporation ; multinational company.
* empresa organizadora de congresos = conference organiser.
* empresa petrolera = oil firm.
* empresa privada = private vendor ; private company ; private business ; private firm.
* empresa pública = civilian employer ; public firm.
* empresas americanas, las = corporate America.
* empresa sindicada = union shop.
* empresa televisiva = television company.
* empresa transportadora = shipper ; shipping agent.
* en toda la empresa = company-wide ; systemwide.
* específico de las empresas = company-specific.
* fusión de empresas = consolidation.
* gasto de empresa = business expense.
* gestión de empresas = business management.
* grupo de empresas = business group.
* guardería de la empresa = workplace crêche.
* información sobre empresas = business intelligence.
* intranet de empresa = corporate intranet.
* libro de empresa = organisation manual.
* llevar una empresa = run + a business.
* mercado de la empresa = corporate market.
* mundo de la empresa = business world.
* mundo de la empresa, el = corporate world, the.
* mundo de las empresas = business environment.
* página web de empresa = business site ; corporate site.
* para toda la empresa = company-wide ; enterprise-wide.
* partícipe en la empresa = corporate insider.
* patrocinado por la propia empresa = company-sponsored.
* pequeña empresa = small business.
* persona de la propia empresa = insider.
* programa de prácticas en la empresa = internship program(me) ; internship.
* programa mixto de clases y práctica en la empresa = sandwich programme.
* propiedad de la empresa = company-owned.
* PYME (Pequeña y Mediana Empresa) = SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprise).
* que afecta a toda la empresa = enterprise-wide.
* sitio web de empresa = business site ; corporate site.
* trabajador cualificado contratado de otra empresa = lateral hire.
* ya parte de la empresa = on board.
(n.) = enterprise ; scheme ; venture ; quest ; operation ; undertaking.
Ex: Only those who have attempted to edit the proceedings of a conference can appreciate the magnitude and scope of such an enterprise.
Ex: There are forty-six centres in twenty-five countries participating in the scheme.
Ex: However rudimentary or advanced the system, and no matter what the age of the children involved, certain matters should be considered before setting out on the venture.
Ex: It is a quest without a satisfactory conclusion - a holy grail of librarianship.
Ex: When he was younger he really turned the library around, from a backwater, two-bit operation to the respected institution it is today.
Ex: Since the file from 1966-1975 contains some 2,500,000 references, a search of the complete data base is a fairly large-scale undertaking.
* empresa descabellada = fool's errand.
* empresa próspera = success story.

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