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(adj.) = entrepreneurial ; business-related ; business.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: It was noteworthy that nearly all SLIS were maintaining their IT materials as much, if not more, from earnings from entrepreneurial activity than out of institutional allocation.
Ex: Twinning of libraries in different countries can bring benefits in terms of joint projects, student exchanges, and other buisness-related affairs.
Ex: A major concern of the journal will be the business, economic, legal, societal and technological relationships between information technology and information resource management.
* comunidad empresarial, la = business community, the.
* cualidades empresariales = entrepreneurial skills.
* cultura empresarial = business culture.
* derecho empresarial = business law.
* desarrollo empresarial = business development.
* economía empresarial = business economics ; managerial economics.
* emprendimiento empresarial = entrepreneurship.
* espíritu empresarial = business acumen ; entrepreneurship.
* experto empresarial = industry observer.
* información empresarial = company information ; industry information.
* iniciativa empresarial = entrepreneurship.
* modelo empresarial = business model.
* mundo empresarial, el = corporate world, the.
* organización empresarial = business organisation.
* parque empresarial = business park.
* sector empresarial, el = business sector, the ; commercial sector, the.

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