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in summary, in brief

shortly (summary)

= in conclusion ; in summary ; simply put ; the long and (the) short of ; in sum ; in all ; to sum up ; to sum it up ; in essence ; put simply ; all in all ; simply stated ; to boil it down ; all told.
Ex: In conclusion, it should not be necessary to say that instructions and guiding must be as brief as possible. Ex: There are in summary two important applications for classification theory. Ex: Simply put, it just doesn't pay to digitise information that few can use, and even fewer will pay for. Ex: The article 'The long and short of a new business model' reviews the application of CD-R on-demand publishing to fill the gap between producing a few copies and spending large sums on replicators to produce 1000 or more copies = El artículo "Un nuevo modelo económico en breve" analiza la aplicación de la publicación en CD-Grabable según la demanda para cubrir el vacío que existe entre producir unas cuentas copias o invertir grandes sumas de dinero en reproductores de CD-ROM para producir 1.000 o más copias. Ex: In sum, the librarian should have the knowledge, experience and sense to provide the right book to the right child at the right time = En suma, el bibliotecario debería tener el conocimiento, la experiencia y el sentido para ofrecer el libro correcto al niño adecuado en el momento oportuno. Ex: In all 20 per cent of visitors went out of the bookshop with a book they had intended to buy, 15 per cent went out with a book they had not intended to buy and 67 went out with both intended and unintended purchases. Ex: To sum up it may be said that overall annual energy costs can be reduced by as much as a third by careful planning. Ex: To sum it up, ISBD stands in sharp contrast to the ideal of concise and clear entries followed by the founders of Anglo-American cataloging. Ex: In essence these indexing languages are very similar to the lists of subject headings which are used in pre-coordinate indexing. Ex: Put simply, asymmetric threats are a version of not 'fighting fair,' which can include the use of surprise and weapons in ways unplanned by a nation. Ex: All in all, then, the book has plenty to attend to, plenty to enjoy, plenty to share. Ex: Simply stated, no, it is not improper to pour wine into your guest s wine glass if it still contains wine. Ex: To boil it down, Israel is small and under threat from every side so the borders they have imposed are out of necessity. Ex: There are eighteen entries all told under the latter heading, so the search is not particularly tedious.

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