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estranged, separated, alienated, disaffected
alienate, transfer; dispose of
deprive oneself of something, become estranged


(adj.) = deranged ; out of + Posesivo + (tiny) mind ; out of + Posesivo + senses ; disenfranchised.
Ex: Accessing the web today is like entering a large library, where there is no catalogue but where a deranged janitor has assembled in the lobby a few pages torn from the indexes of randomly selected volumes = El acceso a la web hoy en día es como entrar en una gran biblioteca, donde no existe un catálogo, pero donde un conserje pirao ha reunido en el vestíbulo unas cuantas páginas arrancadas de los índices de algunos volúmenes seleccionados al tuntún.
Ex: The article 'Out of their minds: legal theory in neural networks' criticises the use of neural networks in law.
Ex: He means well for his country, is always an honest man, often a wise one, but sometimes and in some things, absolutely out of his senses.
Ex: He is promoting his own self-interests under the guise of standing up for the very disenfranchised people whom he himself is fleecing.
* arma enajenada = deactivated weapon.
* enajenado mental = deranged ; out of + Posesivo + (tiny) mind ; out of + Posesivo + senses.
(v.) = alienate ; disenfranchise ; estrange (from).
Ex: That was the only way she could protect herself from the possibility of alienating the very people with whom she was trying to ingratiate herself.
Ex: This article discusses an emerging class of Americans being disenfranchised by the growing importance of information technologies they cannot afford.
Ex: These objects remain useful and functional, though estranged from their usual context.

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