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insertion; socket; lace; tatting
insert; encase; enclose; rabbet; chuck; fit




(n.) = lace.
Ex: 'No, let a charming chintz and Brussels lace wrap my cold limbs, and shade my lifeless face so as not to be frightful of death'.
* bordado de encaje = lacework.
* de encaje = lacy ; lacey.
* encaje de aguja a mano = needlepoint lace.
* encaje de bolillos = bobbin lace.
* encaje de hilo = tatting.
* encajes = lacework.
* hacer encaje = tat.
* hacer encaje de bolillos = do + the impossible ; jump through + hoops ; double over + backwards ; juggle ; bend over + backwards ; fall over + backwards.
* hecho de encaje = lacy.
* persona que hace encajes = tatter.
(v.) = build into ; fit in/into ; wedge ; fit together ; dovetail ; build in ; lock into + place ; fall into ; gel ; fit ; fit.
Ex: Carlton Duncan discussed the difficulties built into the educational processes which led to under-performance at school and the resulting low representation in higher education and low entry into the professions.
Ex: Since the entire catalog cannot possibly fit into a single display screen, DOBIS/LIBIS must allow users to browse.
Ex: A special form of woodcut initial, common from the mid sixteenth to the mid eighteenth century, was the factotum, a square ornamental block with a hole through the middle into which a piece of type could be wedged, one block thus serving for any initial letter.
Ex: The narrative may be unfamiliar in its structure so that they are unsure about the way different elements of the story fit together.
Ex: The three should dovetail so that each builds on the other instead of working against it.
Ex: This agreement must build in incentives to participating libraries as well as methods of censuring those participants which do not fulfil their obligations to the other participating libraries in the network = Este acuerdo debe incorporar incentivos para las bibliotecas participantes así cómo la forma de llamarle la atención a aquellos participantes que no cumplan sus obligaciones con las otras bibliotecas de la red.
Ex: The gas cylinder has a small locating cut out on the inner rim to ensure it locks into place within the cooker.
Ex: Certain words may fall into a short list of 35 common words such as analysis, which do not give rise to inversion within the cross-reference.
Ex: Dalglish says Liverpool's new signings need time to gel.
Ex: Especially if the new subject is one which upsets the previous structure of relationships, it will be difficult to fit into the existing order.
Ex: One such method requires that each book has a magnetic strip inserted into the spine and a special exit door is fitted across which an electric signal is beamed.
* encajar bien = good fit ; sit + well.
* encajar con = mesh with ; fit with.
* encajar el golpe = take it on + the chin.
* encajar mejor = fit + best.
* encajar un gol = let in + a goal.
* encajar un golpe = take + a blow ; take + a hit.
* encajar un tanto = let in + a goal.
(n.) = lacework.
Ex: Beguiling as the show is, it perhaps lacks major impact because it has taken elements from lacework and painting in such a way as to avoid the fundamental challenges of both.

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