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magician, sorceress, female who practices sorcery
charming, enchanting, delightful, ravishing
magician; enchanter



(adj.) = engaging ; charming ; delightful ; enchanting ; delectable ; winning ; a prince of ; lovely ; ravishing.
Ex: The interview went smoothly; the committee was impressed by her knowledge of the current library scene, her enthusiasm, and her engaging personality.
Ex: 'No, let a charming chintz and Brussels lace wrap my cold limbs, and shade my lifeless face so as not to be frightful of death'.
Ex: Indeed, this is one of the most delightful aspects of reference work, providing every day a new intellectual challenge.
Ex: 'Don't let it bother you and I won't let it affect me,' said Passantino, with an enchanting smile.
Ex: It is a delectable opportunity to introduce a patron to the writings of a favorite author, such as M. Fisher, whose works, one hopes, will delight the patron both for their gastronomical tours de force as well as for the unforgettable anecdotes.
Ex: Basically it is more tangible and exciting for retailers to develop new products, decorate stores, design Web sites, and create winning advertisements than it is for them to struggle to set prices that will mean profits.
Ex: The general opinion of Edward Wood seemed to be summed up in the words of one staff member, who said, 'Ed Wood's a prince of a guy'.
Ex: The article 'Lovely idea, but unlovely pricing' criticizes the pricing level of a new service aimed at research scientists in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnology companies.
Ex: Most women find Johnny Depp's drunken pirate character, Jack Sparrow, to be ravishing and sexy.
* belleza encantadora = charming beauty.
* de manera encantadora = winningly.
* de un modo encantador = charmingly.
* persona encantadora = charmer.
(n.) = enchanter.
Ex: As legend goes, they were charmed by an enchanter, who sent them to sleep and hid them in a cave.
* encantador de serpientes = snake charmer.

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