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agent, woman authorized to perform a certain action, representative


= manageress [manager, -masc.].
Ex: Personality profiles of managers and managereses show little relevant difference.
(n.) = manager [manageress, -fem.] ; official ; attendant ; appointee ; housekeeper [house-keeper] ; minder ; business manager ; line manager ; warden ; overseer ; person-in-charge.
Ex: Such hosts are more likely to be accessed by end-users such as economists and managers, than information workers.
Ex: See also reference tracings include related headings such as personal and corporate headings for officials, pseudonyms used as uniform headings, etc.
Ex: Other libraries allow bags to be brought in but an attendant is employed to check the contents as the reader leaves the library.
Ex: Upon hearing the favourable appraisal the committee was giving of her, the young appointee swelled with pride.
Ex: A software agent named SiteHelper is designed to act as a housekeeper for the Web server and as a helper for a Web user to find relevant information at a particular site.
Ex: Education for librarianship should concern itself with encouraging self-reliance and sustained questioning rather than training servile machine minders.
Ex: Watman wondered how the profession would react to the idea of a business manager instead of assistant.
Ex: The major advantage is that staff feel able to talk more freely to colleagues than to a line manager.
Ex: Carers and wardens are encouraged to involve themselves in the service.
Ex: At the top of the hierarchy would be the high officials and their families: the vizier, the overseer of the treasury, and the first priest.
Ex: Every fax machine is to be assigned to a person-in-charge who will have the responsibility of distributing incoming fax messages to recipients.
* encargado de anotar los tantos = scorer.
* encargado de buscar a los alumnos que hacen novillos = truant officer.
* encargado de hacer el presupuesto = budgetmaker.
* encargado de la colección = stock editor.
* encargado de la gestión de documentos = record(s) manager.
* encargado de la gestión documental = record(s) manager.
* encargado de la información = intelligence officer.
* encargado de la lista = list moderator.
* encargado del almacén = warehouse keeper ; warehouseman [warehousemen, pl.].
* encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine-minder.
* encargado de las tareas domésticas = housekeeper.
* encargado de la tecnología de la información = information technologist.
* encargado del correo = mail clerk.
* encargado del desarrollo de nuevos productos = product developer.
* encargado de librería = bookstore clerk.
* encargado de llevar a cabo = implementor [implementer].
* encargado de llevar el marcador = scorer.
* encargado de orientar al lector = readers' adviser.
* encargado de personal = personnel officer ; welfare officer.
* encargado de políticas = policy officer.
* encargado de poner en práctica = implementor [implementer].
* encargado de prestar los primeros auxilios = first aider.
* encargado de recoger = gatherer.
* encargado de recursos humanos = human resource manager.
* encargado de relaciones públicas = public liaison.
* encargado de seguridad = security officer ; security official ; safety official.
* encargado de ventas = sales manager.
* encargados = line management.
* encargados, los = people in charge, the.
* joven ayudante del encargado de la máquina de imprimir = machine boy.
* persona encargada de recabar fondos = fundraiser [fund-raiser].
(v.) = charge ; commission ; order ; deputise [deputize, -USA].
Ex: A mission-oriented abstract is an abstract which is prepared for an abstracting service that has been charged to cater for the application of a specific branch of knowledge.
Ex: Some libraries opt to commission a central agency to support their catalogue creation.
Ex: Edge notch cards are often ordered in a size tailored to the demands of the index, and can be purchased with any coding that the index designer specifies.
Ex: In effect we deputized him to maintain stability in the gulf and promised to sell Iran almost any military hardware the shah desired.
* encargar Algo a Alguien = farm + Nombre + out to.
* encargar especialmente = special order.
* encargarse de = take over ; undertake ; man ; run ; see to.
* encargarse de las finanzas = control + the purse strings.
* encargarse del presupuesto = control + the purse strings.
* encargarse de que = see to it that ; see that.
* encargarse de una tarea = undertake + task.
* encargar un estudio = commission + study.

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