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assignment; post; charge; commission; order; errand
entrust, charge; task; commission; mandate; urge

responsibility he/she took charge

(n.) = commissioning ; charge ; errand ; order.
Nota: Orden que se cursa a un proveedor dándole las referencias de los documentos que se desean adquirir por compra.
Ex: Such commissioning of books of this sort does not in any way imply that the author is working as a hack.
Ex: She was offered an opportunity to chair a task force within the library with the charge to investigate a new integrated system.
Ex: To many kids, errands are boring, tiring, and just a big drag.
Ex: The order is also indexed by the vendor from whom the document was ordered and the library fund from which the payments will be made.
* encuadernación por encargo = bespoke binding.
* hacer encargos = run + errands.
* hacer por encargo = make to + order.
* hecho por encargo = tailor-made [tailormade] ; bespoke ; custom-made ; custom-built [custom built] ; custom-designed [custom designed] ; custom-tailored [custom tailored] ; made-to-order ; made to measure.
* joyas de encargo = custom jewellery ; bespoke jewellery.
* joyas por encargo = custom jewellery ; bespoke jewellery.
* joyería de encargo = custom jewellery ; bespoke jewellery.
* joyería por encargo = custom jewellery ; bespoke jewellery.
* por encargo = custom ; bespoke.
* programa informático hecho por encargo = tailor-made software.
* publicar por encargo = publishing on commission.
* sistema informático hecho por encargo = tailored system.
(v.) = charge ; commission ; order ; deputise [deputize, -USA].
Ex: A mission-oriented abstract is an abstract which is prepared for an abstracting service that has been charged to cater for the application of a specific branch of knowledge.
Ex: Some libraries opt to commission a central agency to support their catalogue creation.
Ex: Edge notch cards are often ordered in a size tailored to the demands of the index, and can be purchased with any coding that the index designer specifies.
Ex: In effect we deputized him to maintain stability in the gulf and promised to sell Iran almost any military hardware the shah desired.
* encargar Algo a Alguien = farm + Nombre + out to.
* encargar especialmente = special order.
* encargarse de = take over ; undertake ; man ; run ; see to.
* encargarse de las finanzas = control + the purse strings.
* encargarse del presupuesto = control + the purse strings.
* encargarse de que = see to it that ; see that.
* encargarse de una tarea = undertake + task.
* encargar un estudio = commission + study.

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