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inquiry, inquest; quiz; poll

inquiry, investigation

it interviews

(n.) = survey ; poll ; survey questionnaire.
Ex: Indicative abstracts abound in phrases such as 'is discussed' or 'has been surveyed', but do not record the outcome of the discussion or survey.
Ex: The results of these polls can often be used as a basis for further information action.
Ex: The survey questionnaires and methodology were pilot-tested late in 81.
* encuesta judicial = inquest.
* encuesta por correo = mail survey.
* encuestas = survey research.
* encuesta sobre el uso del tiempo = time-use survey.
* metodología para la realización de encuestas = survey methodology.
* rellenar una encuesta = fill out + a survey.
* resultados de las encuestas = poll ratings.
(v.) = survey ; poll.
Ex: Chapters 7 and 8 introduced the problems associated with author cataloguing and have surveyed the purpose of cataloguing codes.
Ex: College freshman enrolled in English composition classes were polled to determine their attitudes towards two different methods of bibliographic instruction: the lecture-discussion practicum and the workbook.

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