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energetic, vigorous; vital, lively; forceful, forcible; forthright, emphatic; determined; positive

energetic dashing, energetic

(adj.) = emphatic ; energetic ; forceful ; vigorous ; assertive ; aggressive ; brisk ; spirited ; vociferous ; vocal ; spry ; sprightly ; power-packed.
Ex: Her first hint that all was not well was with the sudden appearance of Consuelo Feng, whose no-nonsensen approach to her job was emphasized by the emphactic clicks of her heels along the highly polished terrazzo floors.
Ex: She has been a vital and energetic voice in the movement to increase the sensitivity and responsibility of libraries to social issues, as well as a first-rate cataloger.
Ex: The implications are that as resources are become scarcer, librarians will need to adopt more forceful attitudes.
Ex: Students would be in the environment of a vigorous library service which emphasised its information function.
Ex: I tried to say at the very outset of my remarks that there probably has not been sufficient consumer-like and assertive leverage exerted upon our chief suppliers.
Ex: Problem patrons include, but are not limited to, illiterates simply seeking shelter, alcoholics, the homeless, the mentally disturbed, aggressive young people, and those with offensive odours.
Ex: The classic example quoted by Jourard is the brisk, super-efficient nurse, whose manner appears to be something that she puts on when she dons her uniform.
Ex: Their aim was to mount a spirited attack on a consumer driven and marketeers' approach to reading and books, and on relativism and populism.
Ex: The reaction came in 1978 -- a vociferous social demand for reading and learning, including a new interest in librarianship.
Ex: Koelling has been a vocal advocate for successful digitization projects in the museum community.
Ex: A spry 80 years young, Virginia has been painting murals for the last 50 years and a lot can be said for the advantages of experience.
Ex: He was described as a 'sprightly nonagenarian' who was born in 1905.
Ex: Eating these power-packed vegetables in their natural state especially garlic increases their health benefits.
* súper enérgico = super-energetic.

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