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angry, vexed; passionate; aggravating


(adj.) = upset ; angry ; angrily ; crossly ; annoyed ; out of anger ; irate.
Ex: He had never seen the children's librarian so upset.
Ex: The irate patron stance is characterised by very erect posture, an angry facial expression, sustained eye contact, dilated pupils, emphatic head nods, and in rare cases, clenched fists.
Ex: 'Look!' he growled angrily.
Ex: 'Justine refuses to work in your department, Muriel, if it involves overtime,' she said crossly.
Ex: Your exaggerated coughs and annoyed looks and the oh so dramatic flailing about of your hands and arms when he lights up drive him up a wall.
Ex: If either spouse on rare occasions out of frustration or anger slams a door or speaks angry words is it fair to label he or she as an abuser?.
Ex: First, Sholom Aleichem I recently spent something like twenty minutes talking over the telephone with a suitably irate and properly frustrated borrower.
* decir de un modo enfadado = spit out.
* estar enfadado = be cheesed off ; be browned off.
(v.) = cross.
Ex: There's more to it than that - he becomes vicious, cutting people up behind their backs if they cross him in any way.
* enfadarse = be upset ; lose + Posesivo + temper ; get + angry ; take + the huff ; lose + Posesivo + rag.
* enfadarse con Alguien = vent + Posesivo + spleen (on).
= be brassed off ; be cheesed off ; be browned off.
Ex: I'm sorry about the fact they were brassed off, but perhaps it was a natural consequence of the negativity over the past four months. Ex: I was rather cheesed off, but decided to hold off on trying for it again, until after the problem had resolved itself. Ex: In World War II parlance, they were probably 'browned-off,' but were certainly not lacking in spirit and loyalty.

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