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cheat, deceive, swindle; betray, be disloyal

beguile, delude, circumvent, hoodwink, deceive

to deceive

(v.) = fool ; hoodwink ; deceive ; cheat (on) ; delude ; trick ; dupe ; perpetrate + deception ; practise + a deception ; rip off ; take in ; swindle ; fiddle ; bamboozle ; shortchange ; bluff ; cheat + Posesivo + way through ; be had ; humbug ; lead + Nombre + down the garden path ; con ; hoax ; bullshit ; lead + Nombre + on ; lead + Nombre + on ; diddle ; flim-flam ; inveigle ; take + Nombre + for a ride ; lead + Nombre + up the garden path ; kid.
Ex: We may be fooling ourserlves and I would caution public libraries, school libraries and libraries in general that indeed one code might not satisfy all our needs.
Ex: In turn, a consequential effect is that reference librarians and scholars might end up getting hoodkwinked.
Ex: Mostly facsimiles are made without dishonest intent, although some have certainly been intended to deceive, and the ease with which they can be identified varies with the reproduction process used.
Ex: Students who cheat on literature searching, for instance, will not get the full benefit of the course.
Ex: Nonetheless, it is claimed that his 1987 graduate and undergraduate editions continue to delude students seeking information about schools to attend, including schools of library science.
Ex: People will try to trick or deceive systems that support intrinsically social activities.
Ex: He offers an antidote to modern-day jeremiads that criticize easily duped consumers.
Ex: The public should at least be told that they will end up paying dearly for the deception being perpetrated upon them.
Ex: Librarians have been practising a deception, and must wake up to three dangers.
Ex: Thee reader is being ripped off by bookselling chains demanding so-called 'bungs' for prime space.
Ex: 'Boy, have you been brainwashed! You've been taken in by the tobacco industry', she said = Ella dijo: "¡Chico, te han lavado el cerebro! la industrial del tabaco te ha timado".
Ex: It is evident that the candidates for everlasting youth will be eternally swindled.
Ex: Thus, the wrong impression was gained, for instance, when the olive oil subsidies were being 'fiddled' in Italy.
Ex: Benny Morris claims that Karsh is attempting to hoodwink and bamboozle readers.
Ex: Banning's decision to hold up Madison and Jefferson as models without discussing in some depth the practical ways in which they politicked shortchanges the reader.
Ex: They are bluffed easily, and it is quite possible they will be bluffed again.
Ex: One of the major dichotomies between students and teachers is the recognition by students that the technologies can give them an edge, that is they can cheat their way through school.
Ex: By the time Americans learned they'd been had, the die was cast -- we were committed to 58,000 dead!.
Ex: More persons, on the whole, are humbugged by believing in nothing than by believing in too much.
Ex: Intelligent individuals often think that they cannot behave stupidly, but that is precisely what leads them down the garden path.
Ex: A number of victims have contacted police after seeing Masterson's mug shot and recognizing him as the man who conned them.
Ex: He hoaxed the popular media into thinking that he had burnt a million quid for the publicity it would, and has continued to, generate.
Ex: Being able to bullshit effectively requires at least a modicum of knowledge about the subject at hand.
Ex: It's not fair to lead her on, it will just make things worse!.
Ex: It's not fair to lead her on, it will just make things worse!.
Ex: It should be remembered that the last time they were here, they were diddled -- Could it be a case of 'once bitten twice shy'?.
Ex: You are being flim-flammed by just another industry shill.
Ex: A woman who twice stole from an elderly woman after inveigling her way into her home was today given a jail sentence.
Ex: That is when the King realized he had been taken for a ride and it took an innocent child to point out his situation.
Ex: Very often, he simply followed his nose to see where it led; sometimes leading him up the garden path, and sometimes bringing really useful results.
Ex: Who on this earth does she think she is kidding?.
* dejarse engañar = fall for ; get + sucked in.
* engañar al sistema = beat + the system ; game + the system ; work + the system ; play + the system ; abuse + the system.
* engañar con falsas esperanzas = string + Nombre + along.
* engañar el hambre = keep + the wolves from the door.
* engañar el sistema = fool + the system.
* engañarse a Uno mismo = fool + Reflexivo.
* las apariencias engañan = don't judge a book by its cover ; there's more to it than meets the eye ; be not all what it seems to be ; be not as it seems to be ; there's more to the picture than meets the eye ; appearances are deceiving ; All that glitters is not gold.
* las apariencias engañan = still waters run deep.
* si mi olfato no me engaña = if my hunch is right ; if I am not mistaken.

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