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emendation, correction, improvement
emend; amend, reform, rectify


(n.) = amendment ; emendation ; rectification.
Ex: The headings consequently correspond to current American usage in both use of terms and spelling and often need amendment to make them consistent with local usage.
Ex: His largest group of intentional alterations consisted of 27 relatively minor emendations, mostly wrong-headed.
Ex: The advantages of viewing stock verification as stock rectification are discussed.
* de enmienda = amendatory.
* enmienda de entuertos, la = righting of wrongs, the.
* hacer una enmienda = make + an amendment.
* Primera Enmienda, la = First Amendment, the.
* Quinta Enmienda = Fifth Amendment.
(v.) = undo ; redress ; put + right ; right.
Ex: The National Library of Estonia, established in 1918, is undergoing a revolutionary period of undoing the effects of the cultural policies of the communist regime.
Ex: To redress this iniquity women are demanding not only equal pay for equal work, but equal pay for work of equal value.
Ex: The author emphasises the importance of the early stages of planning, where the seeds of failure are often sown, and mistakes made then will be very difficult to put right later.
Ex: The author questions whether this is a transitional phenomenon which will be righted later.
* enmendarlo = put + matters + right.
* enmendarse = clean up + Posesivo + act ; change + Posesivo + ways ; mend + Posesivo + ways ; mend + Posesivo + ways.

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