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angry, cross; displeased; vexed
anger, annoy, displease
lose one's temper, get angry

mad, angry


(adj.) = annoyed ; irate ; upset ; angry ; in a rage ; angrily ; crossly ; irritated ; pissed off ; ill-humoured [ill-humored, -USA] ; exasperated ; miffed ; enraged ; out of anger ; in a grouch ; in a grouch mood ; pissed.
Ex: Your exaggerated coughs and annoyed looks and the oh so dramatic flailing about of your hands and arms when he lights up drive him up a wall.
Ex: First, Sholom Aleichem I recently spent something like twenty minutes talking over the telephone with a suitably irate and properly frustrated borrower.
Ex: He had never seen the children's librarian so upset.
Ex: The irate patron stance is characterised by very erect posture, an angry facial expression, sustained eye contact, dilated pupils, emphatic head nods, and in rare cases, clenched fists.
Ex: When a library user comes to the reference desk in frustration and desperation -- perhaps in a rage or in tears, it is often an unforgettable (and sometimes unpleasant) opportunity to test one's problem-solving abilities and diplomatic talents.
Ex: 'Look!' he growled angrily.
Ex: 'Justine refuses to work in your department, Muriel, if it involves overtime,' she said crossly.
Ex: Stanley C Holliday hammers home the same message by more whimsical means hinting darkly that a sticky end at the hands of irritated colleagues awaits all librarians who fail to make adequate and accurate notes.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Pissed Off: The Ethnography of a Heavy Metal Musician'.
Ex: The presence of this irony in ill-humored short articles from various journalistic sources is described.
Ex: He was drumming on his desk with exasperated fingers, his mouth quirked at the corners, as if saying: 'Wriggle out of that!'.
Ex: These are just superfluous rantings of miffed children.
Ex: This incredible newsreel from the 1930s shows the power of anger as an enraged mob stormed a prison holding two kidnappers and killed them both.
Ex: If either spouse on rare occasions out of frustration or anger slams a door or speaks angry words is it fair to label he or she as an abuser?.
Ex: Life is too short to be in a grouch all the time.
Ex: If we start the day in a grouchy mood, chances are those sentiments will transition into the workplace as well.
Ex: I go for a drive when I'm really pissed to get away from everything.
* alejarse enojado dando zapatazos = stomp away.
* enojado al máximo = mad as hell.
* estar enojado = get + Posesivo + knickers in a twist ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a bundle ; get + Posesivo + panties in a bundle ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a knot ; be brassed off ; be cheesed off ; be browned off.
* gritar enojado = bark.
* irse enojado dando zapatazos = stomp away.
* salir enojado dando zapatazos = stomp out of ; stomp off.
* sentirse enojado = feel + annoyed ; feel + angry ; get + (all) bunged-up.
(v.) = cause + anger ; cross ; irritate ; antagonise [antagonize, -USA] ; rub + Nombre + up the wrong way ; rattle ; roil ; gall ; rile ; peeve ; enrage ; exasperate ; raise + Posesivo + hackles ; vex ; hit + a hot button ; put + Posesivo + nose out of joint ; wind + Nombre + up ; get + Posesivo + back(s) up ; get + Posesivo + dander up.
Ex: The decision to introduce payments for ILL in Australia has caused much concern and a lot of anger.
Ex: There's more to it than that - he becomes vicious, cutting people up behind their backs if they cross him in any way.
Ex: Their education must accordingly be designed to prepare them for that future, however much this may irritate the myopics whose only concern is for the present.
Ex: Researchers expect librarians to be factually knowledgeable, welcoming, helpful and supportive rather than 'weird', 'snooty' or 'easily antagonized'.
Ex: Relations between the two countries would now be difficult as our Prime Minister had rubbed theirs up the wrong way over ridiculous matters.
Ex: The rumours of his departure rattled the talented youngster a little bit.
Ex: Episcopalians were roiled by the approval of a rector outspokenly conservative on such matters as the liturgy, the hymnal and ordination.
Ex: It was the American attitude of superiority that galled them the most.
Ex: Now is not the time for superfluous rantings intended to rile the public.
Ex: Things like talking over the performances and cutting to commercials in the middle of performances were really peaving the people who watched.
Ex: On a recent field trip, he drank too much and became enraged with another student by whom he felt insulted.
Ex: Radical intellectuals often seem exasperated by what appears as excessive attention paid to conceptualization.
Ex: But be prepared to raise some hackles if you take this approach, because it is essential you do it openly and not behind your boss' back.
Ex: The powers-that-be at ISU seem to be a little vexed by the attention they're getting for denying tenure to astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez.
Ex: She's relatively patient, but when you hit a hot button with her, she can go from calm to stark-raving mad and cursing in about .00001 seconds .
Ex: In petty things he tended to be a poor loser; a defeat in a tennis game tended to put his nose out of joint.
Ex: Presumably there are plenty more examples like this across the British rail network, I just decided to pick on this one because it winds me up each time I travel to Brighton.
Ex: My mum and I cannot keep a conversation going about a subject I bring up without her getting her back up and starting to have a go at me = Mi mamá y yo no podemos mantener una conversación sobre cualquier tema que yo saque a colación sin que se exaspere y comience a arremeter contra mí.
Ex: Nothing got her dander up worse than hearing excuses for not accomplishing something.
* enojar a Alguien = ruffle + Nombre + feathers.
* enojarse = become + chagrined ; grow + irritable ; lose + Posesivo + temper ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a twist ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a bundle ; get + Posesivo + panties in a bundle ; get + angry ; feel + angry ; feel + annoyed ; take + the huff ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a knot ; get + (all) bunged-up ; lose + Posesivo + rag.
* enojarse con Alguien = vent + Posesivo + spleen (on).
* enojarse por = be irritated by/at.
(v.) = ruffle + Nombre + feathers.
Ex: She's taken to her blog to defend her new music video, because she's sure the content matter is going to 'ruffle some feathers'. = get + Posesivo + knickers in a twist ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a bundle ; get + Posesivo + panties in a bundle ; get + Posesivo + knickers in a knot ; be brassed off ; be cheesed off ; be browned off.
Ex: The trouble began when some journalists got their knickers in a twist over Reich's unusual theories -- one of these being the notion that every individual should have a healthy satisfying sex life. Ex: Now before anyone gets their knickers in a bundle over that statement let me clarify. Ex: I cannot for the life of me understand what you see in the Serb's cause that gets your panties in a bundle. Ex: Darlene's got her knickers in a knot because mischievous little Molly has the look of a girl that would go all the way on the first date. Ex: I'm sorry about the fact they were brassed off, but perhaps it was a natural consequence of the negativity over the past four months. Ex: I was rather cheesed off, but decided to hold off on trying for it again, until after the problem had resolved itself. Ex: In World War II parlance, they were probably 'browned-off,' but were certainly not lacking in spirit and loyalty.

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