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at that time, then; now



= then ; at this ; about this time.
Ex: An exposure to ammonia gas destroys the unexposed dye, and the picture can then be taken out into the light and examined.
Ex: At this the Queen wept and wailed; but being a clever woman she thought out a plan whereby to save her son.
Ex: About this time several of the old crones of the tribe offered their ribald advice on how the new couple should conduct themselves off in the forest together.
* a partir de entonces = from this time on ; hereafter ; thereafter ; whereafter ; from then on ; thenceforth ; henceforth ; from that moment on.
* aun entonces = even then.
* de aquel entonces = of that day ; then-current.
* de entonces = of the day.
* de ese entonces = then-current.
* desde aquel entonces = thenceforth.
* desde entonces = ever since ; henceforth ; in the interim ; since ; since that time ; since then ; henceforward ; thenceforth ; in the intervening years ; ever after ; in the intervening period ; since that day ; from then on.
* desde entonces hasta la actualidad = from then to the present day.
* desde entonces (y) hasta ahora = between then and now.
* el entonces + Nombre = the then + Nombre.
* en aquel entonces = at the time ; the then + Nombre ; by this time ; at that time ; in the course of events ; during the course of events ; back then ; in those days.
* entonces al igual que ahora = then as now.
* entonces pues = now then.
* entonces vigente = then-current.
* hasta aquel entonces = until that time.
* hasta entonces = hitherto ; up till then ; until that time ; until then ; till then ; up until then.
* incluso entonces = even then.
* justo entonces = immediately.
* para aquel entonces = by then.
* para entonces = by then.
* por aquel entonces = at the time ; about that time ; by this time.
* quién iba a decir entonces que... = little did + Verbo + then that....
* si se parece a un pato, anda como un pato y grazna como un pato, entonces es = If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck.
* vigente entonces = then-current.

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