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deliver, convey; give over; consign; submit; surrender; address; serve

hand, hand over

to surrender

(v.) = deliver ; hand over ; hand out ; hand in ; pass over ; surrender ; tender ; turn in.
Ex: You do not want to try and clear the building, thinking it is a fire when it is just somebody trying to deliver a parcel of books to the back door.
Ex: Eventually, teachers should be able to 'hand the chalk over to the students' and take a back seat.
Ex: An aggressive approach is made to publicity, with posters and leaflets distributed widely, visits to local shops, post offices, doctors surgeries etc, to drum up business, and the use of volunteers to hand out leaflets at street corners = Se inicia una campaña de publicidad enérgica, distribuyendo de forma general folletos y pósteres, visitando las tiendas, oficinas de correos y consultorías médicas de la localidad, etc., para promocionar el negocio, además de utilizar voluntarios para distribuir prospectos por las esquinas de las calles.
Ex: Detailed written reports could be handed in to instructors after oral presentation to the class.
Ex: She also indicated in passing that in future authors would not automatically pass over the copyright of research results in papers to publishers.
Ex: The book's date label is stamped in the usual way, and the reader must surrender one token for each book he is borrowing.
Ex: This address was tendered at the State Library of Victoria, Nov 88, to mark the retirement of Professor Jean Whyte.
Ex: She is doing great guns and has turned in some fantastic work which really shows she's understanding what she's researching and learning.
* entregar en garantía = pledge.
* entregar en prenda = pledge.
* entregar la vida = give + Posesivo + life ; lay down + Posesivo + life.
* entregar + Nombre + a = turn + Nombre + over to.
* entregar + Posesivo + vida = give + Posesivo + all ; give + Posesivo + everything.
* entregarse = get in + the game ; give + Posesivo + all ; give + Posesivo + everything.
* entregarse a = give + Reflexivo + up to ; abandon + Reflexivo + to ; indulge in.
* entregar un premio = present + award.
* imposible de entregar = undeliverable.
* que no se puede entregar = undeliverable.
(v.) = get in + the game ; give + Posesivo + all ; give + Posesivo + everything.
Ex: All players got in the game, never gave up, played very sportingly and held their heads high throughout. Ex: Memorial Day is a day for Americans to come together and honor our military dead who gave their all so we might live in freedom. Ex: He'll be able to save face by showing that he gave his everything, but he won't have to suffer the consequences of actually implementing that horrible legislation.

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