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enthusiasm; zest, ebullience; ardor, warmth; liveliness
enthuse, express enthusiasm or excitement; fire; delight


enthusiasm it delighted

(n.) = enthusiasm ; zeal ; zealousness ; keenness ; zest ; elan ; eagerness ; avidness ; high spirits.
Ex: Enthusiasm in a searcher, of course, all are agreed on: 'he must delight in the chase for its own sake'.
Ex: One is to believe, for instance, that the public library movement began in a passion of liberal and humanitarian zeal, and yet public libraries were generally cold, rigidly inflexible, and elitist institutions from the beginning.
Ex: Unless there is reason to believe that the author himself ordered these changes; they have no authority since they are merely the result of the carelessness, or zealousness, of the compositor.
Ex: The conviction that books are important and a keenness to share them with others are fundamental qualities in any librarian = La convicción de que los libros son importantes y el entusiasmo por compartirlos con otros son cualidades fundamentales en cualquier bibliotecario.
Ex: In the humanistic perspective, the concern is with potential, unique capabilities, and dignity -- with a dash of joy to add zest.
Ex: It is a perky love story filmed with wonderful elan in black and white.
Ex: The sense of alienation that had evolved over 50 years has gradually given way to a spirit of teamwork and eagerness to learn.
Ex: His chronic ailments never managed to inhibit his avidness for writing, romantic intrigue, society, and travel.
Ex: A weekend with the family or a few hours playing a favorite sport can release tension so we return to work with a clear mind and high spirits.
* acabarse el entusiasmo = run out of + steam.
* acoger con entusiasmo = greet + Nombre + warmly.
* apagar el entusiasmo = dampen + Posesivo + ardor.
* asintiendo con entusiasmo = in eager assent.
* cobrar nuevo entusiasmo = develop + renewed enthusiasm.
* con entusiasmo = enthusiastically ; rhapsodically ; wholeheartedly [whole-heartedly].
* con entusiasmo en los ojos = bright-eyed.
* con gran entusiasmo = ecstatically.
* con (mucho) entusiasmo = eagerly ; excitedly.
* con poco entusiasmo = half-heartedly.
* dejarse llevar (por el entusiasmo) = get + carried away.
* despertar el entusiasmo = work up + an enthusiasm.
* despertar el entusiasmo = capture + the imagination ; grip + the imagination ; catch + Posesivo + imagination.
* despertar entusiasmo = arouse + enthusiasm.
* enfriar el entusiasmo = dampen + Posesivo + excitement ; dampen + Posesivo + enthusiasm.
* entrar sin mucho entusiasmo = traipse into.
* hablar con entusiasmo = gush about.
* hacer perder el entusiasmo = dampen + Posesivo + enthusiasm.
* lleno de entusiasmo = enthusiastic.
* perder el entusiasmo = lose + heart.
* perder entusiasmo = lose + enthusiasm.
* rebosante de energía y lleno de entusiasmo = all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
* recobrar entusiasmo = develop + renewed enthusiasm.
* renovado entusiasmo = renewed enthusiasm.
* sentir entusiasmo por = be enamoured of/with.
* sin entusiasmo = half-hearted [halfhearted].
(v.) = turn on ; enthuse ; thrill ; get off on ; capture + the imagination ; electrify ; carry away ; catch + Posesivo + imagination.
Ex: When a child is turned on to books and reading, a lifelong 'friend' of the library has been made.
Ex: Teachers must enthuse students to library work and its value.
Ex: The abundance of information on the World Wide Web has thrilled some, but frightened others.
Ex: She sounds like she enjoys having people under her thumb and gets off on the whole control thing.
Ex: This paper describes how a middle grade school teacher uses a core list of books to capture the imagination of his students and to encourage them to write honestly about their lives.
Ex: He then produced a sound like the deep wail of a bereaved mother which electrified the audience.
Ex: These cautionary tales suggest that investors should not be carried away by the euphoria accompanying headline-grabbing announcements of yet more orders won.
Ex: Thesaurofacet has caught the imagination of a number of other thesaurus constructors.
* entusiasmarse = excite ; work up + an enthusiasm ; fire up ; go into + raptures.
* entusiasmarse con = go + gaga (over) ; slobber over ; drool over.
* entusiasmarse con la idea = warm up to + the idea.
* entusiasmarse por = be enthusiastic about ; become + enamoured of ; get + hooked on ; be hooked by ; be enamoured of/with.
* entusiasmar una idea = be keen on + an idea ; be sold on + an idea.

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