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send, dispatch; dismiss; post; ship; extend

send, to broadcast, to transmit, broadcast, emit


(v.) = deliver ; despatch [dispatch] ; direct ; dispatch [despatch] ; forward ; post ; route ; send ; ship ; subject ; send out ; submit ; remit ; ship off ; send away ; send in ; ship out.
Ex: You do not want to try and clear the building, thinking it is a fire when it is just somebody trying to deliver a parcel of books to the back door.
Ex: The aim of the project is to refine selection procedures and improve the quality of books despatched to Africa.
Ex: This statement directs the user to adopt a number more specific terms in preference to the general term.
Ex: Any surrogates and their arrangement and dispatch to users who can be expected to be interested in the associated document.
Ex: It also stores any messages which it cannot forward because the receiving terminal is busy or which can be sent at off-peak times.
Ex: At the same time, a notice to the borrower is posted to the 'hold available' print queue.
Ex: Requests which cannot be filled by local or regional libraries are automatically routed by the system to NLM as the library of last resort.
Ex: Usually a central cataloguing agency is based upon a national library or copyright office, where publishers are required by law to send at least one copy of every book published in that country.
Ex: According to librarians, vendors aren't shipping books fast enough.
Ex: Author abstracts are the abstracts prepared by authors of the document that has been subjected to abstracting.
Ex: The claim category tells DOBIS/LIBIS how many days to allow in addition to the receipt lag before sending out a claim.
Ex: Most publications are probably free distribution material and whilst that does not absolve the publishers from the obligation of legal deposit it is probable that many local authorities do not submit their materials.
Ex: The Court has already ruled that it has power to hear and determine the matter without remitting it back to the lower court.
Ex: Sex was taboo, premarital sex was not accepted and if a girl found herself 'in the family way' many times she was shipped off to live with relatives.
Ex: The particular harshness of Jane's childhood lay in the early age at which she was sent away to school.
Ex: Marcus' family are in deep debt and, when they fail to pay, soldiers are sent in to repossess their house.
Ex: An order placed after the 15th will ship out the following month.
* continuar enviando + Nombre = keep + Nombre + coming.
* enviar a combate = send + Nombre + into battle.
* enviar a la cárcel = send + Nombre + to gaol ; send + Nombre + to jail ; throw + Alguien + in jail.
* enviar al exilio = send + Nombre + into exile.
* enviar + Alguien + a = refer + Alguien + to.
* enviar al pasado = send + Nombre + back in time.
* enviar a prisión = send + Nombre + to jail ; send up + the river ; send up ; send to + prison ; send + Nombre + to gaol ; throw + Alguien + in jail.
* enviar a reparar = send + Nombre + off for repair.
* enviar a un asesor experto = refer.
* enviar de nuevo = resend [re-send].
* enviar de vuelta = send back.
* enviar en contenedor = containerise [containerize, -USA].
* enviar información a = direct + output.
* enviar información de un modo automático = push + information.
* enviar por contenedor = containerise [containerize, -USA].
* enviar por correo = mail ; send through + the mail ; post.
* enviar por correo aéreo = air-mail.
* enviar por correo electrónico = e-mail [email].
* enviar + Posesivo + saludos = send + Posesivo + regards.
* enviar señales = send out + signals.
* enviar una carta = send + a letter.
* enviar una invitación = send + invitation ; issue + an invitation.
* enviar una nota a Alguien = drop + Nombre + a note.
* enviar una pregunta a una lista de correo = post + a question.
* enviar una señal = send + signal.
* enviar un correo electrónico = e-mail [email] ; e-mail [email].
* enviar un documento = deliver + document.
* enviar un mensaje = forward + message.
* enviar un mensaje a una lista de correo = post + a message.
* enviar un mensaje de texto = text.
* enviar un sms = text.
* no dejar de enviar + Nombre = keep + Nombre + coming.
* persona que envía un sms = texter.
* recoger y enviar datos = telemeter.
* seguir enviando + Nombre = keep + Nombre + coming.
* término al que se envía = target term.
* término del que se envía = referred-from term.
* volver a enviar = resubmit [re-submit] ; reship ; resend [re-send].

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