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wrong, mistaken; misguided; inadvertent; lost


= false ; misconceived ; misguided ; wrong ; wrong-headed ; misplaced ; misinformed ; in error.
Ex: The concept 'Senses' constitutes a false link in the chain.
Ex: It is important that those engaged in IR should not be abused by misconceived goals based on a failure to recognize the essential properties of IR.
Ex: We have long recognized the necessity for medical schools and law schools to lead the way in exploring new methods and new ideas -- even ones that prove to be wrong or misguided.
Ex: In a conventional system, the omission of a punctuation mark or an abbreviation will not necessarily cause an entry to be filed in the wrong place, because humans can compensate for variations in spelling and punctuation.
Ex: His largest group of intentional alterations consisted of 27 relatively minor emendations, mostly wrong-headed.
Ex: Because of the nature of AIDS, much misinformation, prejudice, and misplaced fear exist both within the general public and in professional communities worldwide.
Ex: In the 1990s damaging stereotypes and misguided caricatures persist in dominating the American public's generally misinformed view of what it means to be a librarian.
Ex: Errors are indicated by a flashing light and the repositioning of the cursor at the item in error.
* agujero equivocado, el = wrong hole, the.
* aplicar un tratamiento equivocado = mistreat.
* dar una impresión equivocada = send + the wrong signals.
* del tamaño equivocado = wrong size.
* demostrar que Alguien está equivocado = prove + Nombre + wrong ; prove + differently.
* diagnóstico equivocado = misdiagnosis [misdiagnoses, -pl.].
* estar completamente equivocado = be way off ; be dead wrong.
* estar equivocado = be mistaken ; be wide of the mark ; be wrong ; be in error ; miss + the mark ; miss + the point ; be in the wrong.
* estar equivocado en + Número + cosas = be wrong on + Número + count(s).
* estar totalmente equivocado = be way off.
* hacer Algo de forma equivocada = go about + Nombre + the wrong way.
* hacer Algo de manera equivocada = go about + Nombre + the wrong way.
* hacer Algo de modo equivocado = go about + Nombre + the wrong way.
* no andar muy equivocado = be in the right realm.
* número equivocado = wrong number.
* por las razones equivocadas = for (all) the wrong reasons .
* si no estoy equivocado = if my hunch is right ; if I am not mistaken.
* demostrar que Alguien se equivoca = prove + Nombre + wrong ; prove + differently.
* equivocarse = commit + error ; err ; mistake ; make + error ; bark up + the wrong tree ; get it + (all) wrong ; slip up.
* equivocarse de todas todas = miss (it) it by + a mile.
* equivocarse en el diagnóstico = misdiagnose.
* equivocarse es humano = to err is human.

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