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ladder; scale; stopover
climb, scale; escalate; burgle, break into and steal; call



it climbs

(n.) = echelon ; magnitude ; range ; scale ; scale ; shade ; spectrum [spectra, -pl.] ; continuum ; gradation ; stopover ; rating scale ; port of call ; rating ; sliding scale ; layover.
Ex: Involvement of lower echelon personnel in planning has the advantage of getting the practical point of view of those closer to the scene of the operations.
Ex: Only those who have attempted to edit the proceedings of a conference can appreciate the magnitude and scope of such an enterprise.
Ex: Overall, the library media specialists experienced stress in the mild to moderate range.
Ex: The scale of a map is the distance as shown on the map in relation to actual distance.
Ex: Various scales of relevance ratings may be established.
Ex: Partly because of the fact that documents have shades of relevance to a given topic this is an impossible objective.
Ex: As one respondent from this end of the information spectrum put it, 'Context is all in the information world'.
Ex: At the other end of the continuum is the form of hack writing typified by the poorest quality of adventure stories (often mildly pornographic).
Ex: Until the mid nineteen hundreds, this community presented an almost feudal pattern of wealthy merchants and factory hands, with several gradations between these extremes.
Ex: This article discusses the strategic location of the Islands as a stopover and spring-board for more far-flung explorations along the African coast.
Ex: This process will allow institutional evaluators to compare their individual evaluations using a standardized format and rating scale.
Ex: 'Ports of Call' is an enchanting, lovely, scary and sad book, as good as any.
Ex: But the rater must not be afraid to give negative ratings.
Ex: For insulin dosing, use a sliding scale based on patient weight as well as on blood sugar values.
Ex: Whether you're headed to Italy or South Africa, you might have a long layover in London but you don't have to spend it holed up at the airport.
* a + Adjetivo + escala = on a + Adjetivo + scale.
* a escala = drawn-to-scale.
* a escala industrial = on an industrial scale ; industrial-scale.
* a escala mundial = globally ; on a global scale.
* a escala natural = full-scale.
* a gran escala = large scale [large-scale] ; massive ; on a wide scale ; high-volume ; wide-scale ; on a broad scale ; in a big way ; on a grand scale.
* a menor escala = at a reduced rate.
* a pequeña escala = in a small way ; small scale [small-scale].
* a un extremo de la escala = at one end of the scale.
* en el otro extremo de la escala = at the other extreme.
* en el otro extremo de la escala = at the other end of the scale ; at the other end of the spectrum.
* en otra escala = on a different plane.
* en un extremo de la escala = at one extreme.
* escala de ampliación = enlargement ratio.
* escala de grises = grey scale [gray scale].
* escala de reducción = reduction ratio.
* escala de tarifas según los ingresos = sliding fee scale.
* escala de valores = graded range ; set of values.
* escala de Wechsler = Wechsler scale.
* escala móvil = sliding scale.
* escala que consta de nueve grados = nine-point scale.
* escala salarial = salary scale ; pay scale ; salary schedule ; salary range ; salary band ; sliding pay scale.
* escala temporal = time continuum.
* estar hecho a escala = be to scale.
* hacer escala = stop over.
* IGE (Integración a Gran Escala) = LSI (Large Scale Integration).
* IME (Integración a Media Escala) = MSI (Medium Scale Integration).
* IPE (Integración a Pequeña Escala) = SSI (Small Scale Integration).
* mapa a gran escala = large-scale map.
* mención de escala = statement of scale.
* modelo a escala = scale model.
* Nombre + a gran escala = broad scale + Nombre.
* puerto de escala = port of call.
* seguir una escala = fall along + a continuum.
* vuelo sin escalas = non-stop flight.
(v.) = scale ; climb ; spiral.
Nota: Tiempo pasado spiralled-UK/spiraled-USA, participio presente spiralling-UK/spiraling-US.
Ex: You'll be scaling walls, jumping between rooftops, swinging on ropes, hanging from pipes, sliding under 4WDs and doing anything you can to avoid those zombies.
Ex: Stanton felt a bit like someone who, after boasting that she could dive into water from a great height has climbed to the height and dares not jump, but knows that she must jump.
Ex: Hospital admissions doubled, out patient services quintupled, dental services quadrupled, and hospital births spiraled.
* análisis escalar de Guttman = Guttman scale analysis.
* escalar posiciones = come (up) from behind.
* escalar puestos = come (up) from behind.
* escalar una montaña = scale + mountain.

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