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stairs, step; stairway, staircase; ladder; caracole; sequence

staircase, stairs

ladder , stair , stepladder

de mano ladder

(n.) = ladder ; rib ; stairways ; stepladder.
Ex: 2 metaphors in particular are considered: reading is a ladder; and reading is eating.
Ex: The plank was hauled in and out between the cheeks by girths at each end which were wound round a small windlass underneath the ribs.
Ex: Librarians must be made aware of the dangers of open floor bookstacks and open stairways and budgets must provide funds to achieve an acceptable level of fire safety.
Ex: As a result, the worker lost his balance, fell off the stepladder, and fractured his right leg.
* al pie de la escalera = at the foot of the stairs ; at the bottom of the stairs.
* en lo alto de la escalera = at the top of the stairs.
* escalera de caracol = winding stair ; spiralling staircase ; spiral staircase ; winding staircase.
* escalera de cuerda = Jacob's ladder.
* escalera de incendios = fire escape ; emergency stairs ; fire stairs.
* escalera de mano = stepladder.
* escalera deslizante = escalator.
* escalera de tijera = stepladder.
* escalera mecánica = escalator.
* escalera plegable = telescopic ladder ; stepladder.
* escalera rodante = escalator.
* escaleras = stairs ; stairways.
* hueco de la escalera = stairwell.
* juego de serpientes y escaleras = game of chutes and ladders ; game of snakes and ladders.
* tramo de escaleras = flight of stairs.

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