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stage; setting; scene



= stage ; playing area ; set and prop.
Ex: If the pieces cannot be named concisely, add 'various pieces' and optionally give the details of the pieces in a note; e.g., 1 diorama (various pieces) - Note: Contains 1 small stage and 1 easel.
Ex: The tone then abruptly changed from comedy to ritual as the music started, and the actors streamed into the playing area carrying torches and lighting more candles.
Ex: The second section of the paper discusses general methods for preparing corrugated materials for set and prop construction.
* actuar en el escenario = act on + stage.
* en el escenario = on stage.
* estrella del escenario = stage star.
* fuera del escenario = off stage.
* miedo al escenario = stage fright.
* tarima de escenario = stage platform.
(n.) = setting ; scenario ; scene.
Ex: Over 700 CRT terminals are online to Columbus and are used in a variety of ways to improve service in the local library settings.
Ex: This article describes a scenario in which the training of junior staff on-the-job is discussed emphasising that the reality in New Zealand libraries falls far short of the ideal.
Ex: Scenes that include conflict, emotions, prejudices, misunderstandings, and unreasonableness but also kindliness, humor, friendliness, and goodwill are acted out daily in different kinds of libraries.
* en el escenario mundial = on the world stage.
* escenario de la guerra = theatre [theater, -USA] ; theatre of war.
* escenario del crimen = scene of the crime, the.
* escenario de operaciones = theatre of operations.
* escenario de operaciones, el = scene of operations, the.
* ser (el) escenario de = be the scene of.

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