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choose, pick, select; opt, favor

choose, elect, pick out

to choose

(v.) = choose ; click off ; cull ; opt (out for) ; pick out ; select ; single out ; pick and mix ; mix and match ; elect ; pick ; take + Posesivo + pick ; go for ; pick on.
Ex: A library is no longer constrained to choose either a classified or a dictionary catalogue.
Ex: We may some day click off arguments on a machine with the same assurance that we now enter sales on a cash register.
Ex: The contents of an extract will often be culled from the results, conclusions or recommendations, i.e. the concluding segments, of the document.
Ex: However, in 1983, Forest Press decided to opt for the concept of continuous revision.
Ex: This process proceeds by examining in turn every one of a large set of items, and by picking out those which have certain specified characteristics.
Ex: An extract is one o more portions of a document selected to represent the whole document.
Ex: Conference proceedings are singled out for special attention because they are an important category of material in relation to abstracting and indexing publications.
Ex: Modular courses are already in place from which a student can pick and mix.
Ex: It is possible to mix and match from copyright law, patent law and trade secret and contract law, and the choice of avenue offering the best protection will depend upon many variables.
Ex: This Act defined the right of workers to organize and to elect representatives.
Ex: The network itself is assumed to be unreliable; any portion of the network could disappear at any moment (pick your favorite catastrophe -- these days backhoes cutting cables are more of a threat than bombs).
Ex: We can offer them both and let our users take their pick.
Ex: If flexibility is required, it may be better to go for a general-purpose data base management system.
Ex: Presumably there are plenty more examples like this across the British rail network, I just decided to pick on this one because it winds me up each time I travel to Brighton.
* escoger al azar = pick at + random.
* escoger aleatoriamente = pick at + random.
* escoger con cuidado = pick and choose.
* escoger con esmero = pick and choose.
* escoger cuidadosamente = hand-pick ; cherry-pick.
* escoger las palabras = choose + Posesivo + words (carefully) ; pick + Posesivo + words (carefully).
* escoger selectivamente = cherry-pick ; hand-pick.
* escoger una opción = choose + setting ; take up + option.
* ser exigente al escoger = pick and choose.

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