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dark; secret; blind; quiet
hide, conceal, obscure; stash; harbor
hide out, hole up; abscond; burrow

hidden, lurking


= off the beaten track ; off the beaten path.
Ex: The article 'Off the beaten track. Small publishers in India' reviews the efforts of small and alternative presses in India in publishing the most exciting and innovative books for children.
Ex: The best garden nurseries are almost always off the beaten path.
* andar escondido = abscond.
* joya escondida = hidden gem ; hidden jewel.
* lugar escondido = secluded spot.
* tesoro escondido = hoard ; hidden treasure.
(v.) = hide ; obscure ; ensconce ; tuck away ; dissimulate ; hide out ; conceal ; stash away ; cache.
Ex: These complications were not hidden or implicit; they were clearly set out at the beginning of the volume under 'Rules for the Compilation of the Catalog'.
Ex: A pseudonym is the name assumed by an author to conceal or obscure his or her identity.
Ex: The foreman ensconced in one of the cages and the master-printer in the other.
Ex: It is rumoured to be, at least in part, tucked away in one of the attics of the Science Library, a forgotten monument to a great but unsuccessful idea = Se rumorea que se encuentra oculto, al menos en parte, en uno de los áticos de la Biblioteca de Ciencias, monumento olvidado a una gran idea pero sin éxito.
Ex: He highlights the fact that the amount of time spent lying, dissimulating, and conforming in matters of religious faith was a huge issue in the 16th century.
Ex: It tells the story of a young detective who stumbles across a stash of jewel thieves hiding out in an abandoned house.
Ex: He merely said, striving to conceal his anger: 'I'll see what I can do'.
Ex: Almost everybody we know had their treasures or some of their personal items stashed away in an old cigar box.
Ex: Previous studies in which squirrels were provisioned with an abundant supply of food found a reduction in the rate of caching.
* de tirar la piedra y esconder la mano = hit-and-run.
* esconder de la vista = hide + Nombre + from view.
* esconder escollos para = hold + pitfalls for.
* esconder la cabeza como el avestruz = bury + Posesivo + head in the sand (like an ostrich) ; stick + Posesivo + head in the sand.
* esconder peligros para = hold + pitfalls for.
* esconder + Posesivo + intenciones = hide + Posesivo + intentions ; play + Posesivo + cards close to + Posesivo + chest ; keep + Posesivo + cards close to + Posesivo + chest.
* esconderse = skulk ; go into + hiding ; hole up.
* esconderse de la luz = hide from + the light.
* esconderse de miedo = cower.
* esconderse detrás de = hide behind.

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