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listen; (Latin America) hear; pay attention; answer

they listened

(v.) = hear ; listen (to) ; hark(en) to ; play ; give + an ear to ; lend + an ear ; hearken to ; borrow + Posesivo + ears.
Ex: When the correctly scanned number appears on the screen, the keyboard clicks so that the user can both see the number on the screen and hear that is has been read correctly.
Ex: Only through listening to words in print being spoken does anyone discover their color, their life, their movement and drama.
Ex: As he drove to the library, he harkened to those busy inner voices filling his mind with ominous portents.
Ex: In another style of lesson, the book is approached through film clips, dramatizations on TV, or played on records or tapes made commercially.
Ex: Once a willing ear is given to the suggestions and complaints, then morale will increase, as will production.
Ex: Secondly, the teacher should just 'lend an ear' and not actively take part in the discussion.
Ex: Let us hearken to the melody which will stir the world of humanity, so that the people may be transformed with joy.
Ex: If you don't need insight, just tell her that you need to borrow her ears to listen to you express your thoughts and feelings.
* alegrarse escuchar que = be glad to hear that.
* al escuchar = at the sound of.
* capacidad de escuchar = listening skills.
* equipo para escuchar visitas grabadas = audio tour unit.
* escuchar a escondidas = eavesdropping.
* escuchar con una actitud abierta = lend + a sympathetic ear to.
* escuchar la opinión de Alguien = hear + Posesivo + opinion.
* escuchar la radio = listen to + the radio.
* escuchar la voz de la conciencia = listen to + the voice within.
* escuchar la voz de la experiencia = listen to + the voice of experience.
* escuchar la voz de la razón = listen to + the voice of reason.
* escuchar la voz del corazón = listen to + Posesivo + heart.
* escuchar la voz interior = listen to + the voice within.
* escuchar lo que dice el corazón = listen to + Posesivo + heart.
* escuchar mal = mishearing.
* escuchar secretamente = eavesdropping.
* escucharse disparos = shots + ring out.
* hacer que se + Pronombre + escuche = make + Posesivo + voice heard.
* hacerse escuchar = make + Posesivo + voice heard.
* mantenerse a la escucha = stay + tuned.
* oído que escuche = receptive ear.
* permanecer a la escucha = stay + tuned.
* puesto de escucha = listening post.
* que se puede escuchar = playable.
* saber escuchar = listening skills ; listening capacity.
* todavía + poderse + escuchar los ecos de = echo + still resound from.

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