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specialization, act of specializing

expertise, specialization


(n.) = speciality ; specialism ; specialisation [specialization, -USA] ; pathway ; expertise ; specialty ; track.
Ex: The final order on the shelves is the reverse of this, so that an order of increasing speciality is achieved.
Ex: Thus all students will initially follow a common core syllabus, then opt for particular specialisms linked to specific fields of activity.
Ex: There is a conflict between specialisation and interdisciplinary studies in education and in scientific research.
Ex: The course is composed of 5 pathways, 1 of which is information and communication.
Ex: Its primary function is to provide a centre for software and hardware expertise for its members.
Ex: ERIC material is acquired and indexed in 16 clearinghouses, each with a subject specialty.
Ex: The Columbia program offers two different tracks in preservation education.
* área de especialización = niche ; area of competence.
* campo de especialización = area of competence ; field of specialisation.
* con una nivel de especialización medio = semi-skilled.
* especialización académica = academic major.
* especialización en bibliotecas de prisiones = prison librarianship.
* especialización temática = subject specialism ; subject speciality ; subject specialty.
* especialización universitaria = major.
* sin ningún nivel de especialización = unskilled.

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