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splendid, magnificent; grand, lavish; generous


(adj.) = generous ; lavish ; splendid ; gorgeous ; princely.
Ex: Many libraries have built I & R services into their budgets on a fairly generous scale.
Ex: Library staffing levels were lavish and opening hours long.
Ex: She wanted to suggest some course of action splendid and decisive, and was perturbed to find that she could not.
Ex: The hotel features 428 newly renovated guest rooms with upscale southwestern décor and private balconies with gorgeous mountain views = El hotel ofrece 428 habitaciones renovadas recientemente con una decoración de lujo al estilo del suroeste del país y balcones con magníficas vistas a las montañas.
Ex: By my most delightful excursion was to Hamilton itself, one of the most princely places I have ever visited.
* una espléndida variedad de = a panoply of.

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