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wife, female spouse; helpmate
handcuff, restrain with handcuffs (ring-shaped shackles for the wrists)



(n.) = wife [wives, -pl.] ; missus ; missis.
Nota: Forma coloquial.
Ex: When I saw what he was up to, I drew back for a punch and hit him so hard on the nose that he fell on his back and lay there for some time, so that his wife stood over him and cried out 'Mercy! You've done my husband in!'.
Ex: 'John and the Missus' is the story of one man's passionate attempt to fight for the land he loves and the way of life he believes in.
Ex: But let me tell you about the rehearsals; they are so funny, and I always go to them with the missis.
* abnegada esposa = helpmate.
* antigua esposa = ex-wife.
* esposa de la que está separado = estranged wife.
* quitaesposas = homewrecker ; marriage wrecker.
(v.) = handcuff ; cuff.
Nota: Abreviatura de handcuff.
Ex: Prior to that, Fleming had never been under arrest or handcuffed.
Ex: After three hours, the police cuffed her hands to a window and tortured her for five hours.

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