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avoid, shun; circumvent

(v.) = dodge ; eschew ; skate over ; parry ; skirt ; fend off ; steer + clear (of) ; give + Nombre + a wide berth ; steer away from ; stay + clear (of) ; keep + clear (of) ; steer + past.
Ex: But he was wiry and wily, too, and he could often out-run, track, back-track, double-back, and finally dodge unseen in the subway.
Ex: However, most contributors to the debate about the future of SLIS have eschewed practicalities in favour of sweeping and dramatic generalizations.
Ex: I'm sorry; I didn't wish to skate over that.
Ex: 'What if we got the other departments to pay for their own services and materials?' she parried, seeing a faint ray of hope in the idea.
Ex: Bridleways that cross arable land may be legally ploughed up, but not those that skirt a field.
Ex: During the rutting season, they are used to fend off other males in an attempt to gather a harem of females to breed with.
Ex: This entire target market has steered clear of the public library.
Ex: Under the new law, motorists must give 'a wide berth' to stationary emergency vehicles displaying blue, red, or amber emergency warning lights.
Ex: This article gives guidance for steering away from some of the more obvious pitfalls when buying software.
Ex: In addition, a towboat without barges in front of it may be towing astern with the towline submerged -- so stay clear! .
Ex: Residents are being advised to keep clear of seal pups if they find them on the beach or run the risk of committing an offence.
Ex: Andrew has a knack for engaging with people and is adept at steering people past conflict without getting ruffled or losing his sense of humour.
* esquivar el problema = sidestep + the problem.
* esquivar la cuestión = sidestep + the issue.
* esquivar la mirada de Alguien = avert + Posesivo + eyes.
* esquivar una cuestión = dodge + an issue.
* esquivar un problema = duck + the issue.

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