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O.K., okay, all right

very well (interjection)

= that's fine.
Ex: That's fine , you did not know she had been arrested for stealing jewelry = No pasa nada, no sabías que ella había sido arrestada por robar joyas. (v.) = be okay ; be in good shape ; be in good health ; be OK.
Ex: 'Anything wrong?' 'Oh, I'm okay, I guess,' volunteered Datto cautiously. Ex: China's economy is in good shape and capable of maintaining financial stability despite global chaos. Ex: EU doctors kidnapped in Somalia by gunmen are in good health, a local elder says. Ex: Let me know if there are any mistakes in the lyrics, although I have checked it through and it seems to be OK = Díme si hay algún error en la letra de la canción, aunque yo la he comprobado y parece estar bien.

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