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stationing, placing; (Latin America) car park, parking lot

stay, stop, abode


(n.) = car park [car-park] ; parking ; parking facilities ; parking lot ; parking place.
Nota: Referido al espacio individual que ocupa un vehículo en un aparcamiento.
Ex: In Baltimore County, Maryland, area branch libraries are publicised with neon signs and have vast car-parks.
Ex: Registration for the conference is $75, and includes continental breakfast and lunch, along with free parking at the Executive Towers parking garage.
Ex: Library use, expressed as the ratio between those eligible to vote and those registered as adult readers, was related to such factors as class, topograhy, communications and parking facilities.
Ex: On entering the parking lot behind the building, the secretary informed him that the library was bequeathed to the community in 1917.
Ex: The Conference Centre car park has 650 parking places, with another 5000 places nearby and parking fees can be paid with notes or coins.
* controlador de estacionamiento = traffic warden ; parking attendant ; parking warden.
* estacionamiento en doble fila = double parking.
* permiso de estacionamiento = parking permit.
* plaza de estacionamiento = parking space ; parking place.
* zona de estacionamiento = parking area.

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