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stadium, large structure with tiered seating surrounding an open area in which sporting events are held




(n.) = sport arena ; stadium [stadiums/stadia, -pl.].
Ex: They measured emotional responses of basketball fans as they exited the sport arena after their team had won or lost an official game.
Ex: The country has established itself as one of the leaders in world cricket, boasting some of the finest stadiums in the world.
* estadio cubierto = indoor arena.
* estadio de béisbol = ballpark.
* estadio de fútbol = soccer stadium ; football stadium ; football ground(s).
(n.) = phase ; stage.
Ex: This planning phase involves moving from a vague impression that a thesaurus might be useful to a fairly precise profile for the thesaurus.
Ex: The first stage in the choice of access points must be the definition of an author.
(n.) = furlong.
Nota: Medida poco usada hoy día del sistema de medidas anglosajón equivalente a unos 200 metros.
Ex: Almost all horse race distances are described in furlongs.

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