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rack, shelf; stand; bookcase; ledge

bookshelf, shelf


(n.) = shelf [shelves, -pl.] ; display rack ; rack.
Ex: Guides to individual sets of books on a specific shelf.
Ex: Some display racks are designed so that the sloping display shelf lifts up to reveal storage space underneath for back issues.
Ex: Conversely, in the era of paperbacks, the community might decide that the library's main goal ought to be the provision of books and other materials not available on the drugstore rack.
* colocación del material de vuelta en los estantes = shelving.
* colocación de los documentos de vuelta en los estantes = reshelving.
* colocar de nuevo en los estantes = reshelve [re-shelve].
* colocar en los estantes = shelve.
* estante para folletos = pamphlet rack ; leaflet rack.
* estantes = shelves ; stack.
* estantes giratorios = revolving wire rack.
* estantes inclinados = face-out shelving.
* mala colocación en los estantes = misshelving.
* mal ordenado en los estantes = misshelved.
* número de documentos devueltos a los estantes = shelving statistics.
* ordenación en los estantes = lateral filing.
* revisión de los estantes = shelf reading.

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