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state, governmental; state owned



(adj.) = statewide [state-wide] ; state-owned ; all-Russian ; state-operated ; state ; state-run.
Ex: Statewide boards would have to be set up to monitor books and periodicals.
Ex: We are state-owned and in a monopolistic situation because of our size, status and/or the uniqueness of our collection.
Ex: Of considerable value is documentation produced by the all-Russian Bureau of Military Organisations which reflects the transformation of the army into an active revolutionary force.
Ex: All state-operated colleges of arts and science in New York state were given funds in fiscal year 1987-88 for collection preparation and barcoding.
Ex: Slower economic growth coupled with federal and state budget restraints puts a great deal of uncertainty into the outlook for library budgets.
Ex: The nucleus of the system is composed of state-run information centres.
* a nivel estatal = statewide [state-wide].
* apoyo estatal = state support.
* archivo estatal = state archive.
* autoridad estatal = state official.
* ayuda estatal = state aid ; state support.
* biblioteca estatal = state library.
* capital estatal = state capital.
* colegio universitario estatal = state college ; junior college.
* de alcance estatal = nationwide [nation-wide].
* documento estatal = state document.
* escuela estatal = state school.
* examen estatal = public exam.
* intervención estatal = state intervention ; government intervention.
* legislación estatal = state legislation.
* paraestatal = parastatal [para-statal].
* policía estatal = state police ; state troops ; state trooper ; trooper.
* prisión estatal = state prison.
* propiedad estatal = state property.
* subvención estatal = state aid ; state support.
* universidad estatal = state university.

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