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style, manner; ancient writing instrument; part of a pistil (Botany); design; delivery; league; stroke, method of swimming (i.e. backstroke, etc.); gnomon (Astronomy), device for finding the height of the Sun by measuring noontime shadows
draw up a document; wear; be used up




(n.) = form ; delivery ; hand ; idiom ; writing style ; style ; panache.
Ex: It is under the chosen form of heading that the catalogue entry for a particular document is filed and hence located.
Ex: Just as delivery must be tuned to suit the kind of material chosen, so must the language used to tell a story.
Ex: The Aldine greek was based on a much admired humanistic cursive hand which relied for its good looks on a multiplicity of alternative letters, ligatures, and contractions.
Ex: Using a popular idiom, we might inquire, 'Is this the real McCoy'?.
Ex: Above all the journal wishes to provide research and comment in a form that is easily and quickly understood: a fresh, rigorous, but unfussy, writing style is what is aimed for.
Ex: The dialogue style is well-suited to occasional and novice users but can be slow.
Ex: It is a richly documented, smoothly narrated, and lavishly illustrated study by a historian who knows his stuff and tells it with panache.
* al estilo de = a la ; along the lines ; in the mould of.
* al estilo de los índices de materia = subject-type.
* al estilo de + Nombre = in a + Nombre + sort of way.
* al estilo militar = military-style.
* con estilo = stylish ; classy .
* corrector de estilo = style checker ; copy editor [copyeditor] ; subeditor.
* corregir el estilo = copy edit [copyedit].
* del estilo de los directorios = directory-type.
* error de estilo = stylistic error.
* esquí estilo libre = freestyle skiing.
* estilo abstracto = abstract style.
* estilo ampuloso = turgid style ; plethoric style.
* estilo arquitectónico = architectural style.
* estilo artístico = artistic style.
* estilo barato = kitsch.
* estilo bibliotecario = library chic.
* estilo de aprendizaje = learning style.
* estilo de gestión = managerial style ; management style.
* estilo de la casa = house style.
* estilo de natación = swimming stroke.
* estilo de pelo = hairstyle.
* estilo de resumir = abstracting style.
* estilo de vida = lifestyle [life style/life-style] ; style of life ; way of life.
* estilo de vida alternativo = alternative life-style.
* estilo de vida rural = country lifestyle.
* estilo de vida sedentario = sedentary lifestyle.
* estilo directo = direct speech ; direct discourse.
* estilo emblemático = signature style.
* estilo esloveno = Slovenica.
* estilo gótico = Gothic style.
* estilo indirecto = indirect speech ; indirect discourse.
* estilo libre = freestyle.
* estilo literario = literary style ; writing style.
* estilo periodístico = journalese.
* estilo perrito = doggy style.
* estilo personal = individual style ; persona [personae, -pl.].
* estilo pobre = impoverished style.
* estilo rústico = rustic style.
* estilo telegráfico = telegraphese.
* estilo tipográfico = typographical style.
* estilo tradicional = traditional style.
* freír al estilo chino = stir-fry.
* frito al estilo chino = stir-fry.
* guía de estilo = style guideline.
* hoja de estilo = style sheet.
* índices de títulos al estilo de los índices de materia = subject-type title indexes.
* manual de estilo = style manual ; style guideline.
* Manual de Estilo de Chicago = Chicago Manual of Style.
* Manual de Estilo de la MLA, el = MLA Style Manual, the.
* natación estilo libre = freestyle swimming.
* según el estilo americano = in the American style.
* según el estilo español = in the Spanish style.
* según el estilo inglés = in the English style.
* siguiendo un estilo indicativo = indicatively.
* sin estilo = dowdy .
* vivir un estilo de vida saludable = live + a healthy lifestyle.
* vivir un estilo de vida sano = live + a healthy lifestyle.

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