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(v.) = approve ; be in agreement ; concur (with) ; be agreed ; agree ; be of one mind.
Ex: The draft was approved by the sponsoring Sections in December 1983 and proofreading and preparation of the camera-ready copy were completed by September 1984. Ex: While Groome and the progressives have over the years had their differences with the mayor -- to put it mildly -- one thing they are in firm agreement about is that taxes have been pushed as far as they can be. Ex: These four national libraries have also concurred on the matter of fullness of personal name. Ex: Everyone who has examined the topic, librarians and non-librarians alike, are agreed that the reference interview is essential to the success of the computer search. Ex: She would get out of bed in the morning and look fabulous, though she wouldn't agree. Ex: Finally, all of you should be of one mind, love each other as brothers and sisters, and keep a humble attitude.

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