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narrow, tight; near, close; intimate; cramped, close fitting; short; strict
strait; gut; sound; narrow; channel; fix, jam
grasp, tighten; narrow; take up



strait it narrowed

(v.) = constrict ; make + Nombre + narrower.
Ex: The gland was pale pink in colour with an hourglass shape that was constricted in the middle.
Ex: You can increase the resistance of a copper wire by hammering the wire to make it narrower and longer.
* estrechar el cerco = close in on.
* estrechar el control = tighten + the grip ; tighten + Posesivo + grip on.
* estrechar filas = close + ranks.
* estrechar la relación = strengthen + links.
* estrechar lazos = build + bonds ; build up + links.
* estrechar los lazos = strengthen + links.
* estrecharse = taper ; taper in ; narrow.
(n.) = sound ; strait.
Ex: This guide provides brief descriptive information on the geomorphology and ecology of sounds, beaches, inlets, and dunes.
Ex: Any attack on Iran will require that military forces quickly deploy to Dubai to forestall the closing of the strait.
* Estrecho de Bering, el = Bering Straits, the.
* estrecho de Gibraltar, el = Strait of Gibraltar, the.
(adj.) = cramped ; tight ; narrow .
Ex: Vissenbjerg Library, Funen, serving a population of 5,860 and converted to full-time status in 1980, is placed in a stagnant shopping centre in cramped conditions.
Ex: The platen was lashed up tight to the toe of the spindle by cords which connected hooks at its four corners to another set of hooks at the four lower corners of the hose.
Ex: The subject areas which such data bases cover may range from relatively narrow subjects, to interdisciplinary areas.
* bajo estrecha vigilancia = under close guard.
* banda estrecha = narrow-band.
* colaboración estrecha = close collaboration.
* con lazos muy estrechos = close-knit.
* en estrecha colaboración con = hand-in-glove with ; hand and glove with.
* estrecho de mente = narrow-minded.
* estrecho de miras = narrow-minded.
* hacer más estrecho = make + Nombre + narrower.
* muy estrecho = poky .

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