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strict, severe; tight; close


(adj.) = strict ; stringent ; tight ; straitlaced [strait-laced].
Ex: This may lead to deviations from the strict and most obvious alphabetical sequence.
Ex: When a library outgrows its second automated circulation system it sets stringent functional, performance and growth specifications and builds from scratch.
Ex: Title indexes suffer from absence of tight terminology control.
Ex: Three years later, when he was fifteen, he slipped into Rachel's bedroom and her straitlaced mother caught them petting and giggling on the side of the bed.
* cada vez más estricto = tightening.
* en estricto secreto = tight-lipped.
* en su estricto sentido = strictly speaking.
* hacer las leyes más estrictas = tighten + laws.
* hacer más estricto = tighten.
* poco estricto = lax.
* trabajar con plazos de entrega estrictos = work to + deadlines.

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