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strident; raucous, boisterous; shrill; jangling; screaming



(adj.) = raucous ; garish ; lurid ; rumbustious ; shrill .
Ex: This is an important point which has been poorly neglected in this lively and, at times, raucous debate.
Ex: Some of the streets transform at night with garish neon lights and red lanterns signifying houses of pleasure.
Ex: When she discovered vintage comics and their lurid covers, she went nuts.
Ex: One by one, he wiped the floor with opponents who had spoken in the debate -- with a ferocious blend of rant, rhetoric and rumbustious counterattack.
Ex: Wherever one turned, from every direction came the note of the golden oriole and the shrill cry of the hoopoe and the red-legged falcon.
* ruido estridente = ear-splitting noise.

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