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structure, frame; build; arrangement; plot; fabric; makeup
structure, give form to

conformation, structure, outline



(n.) = frame ; framework ; pattern ; structure ; texture ; lattice ; fabric ; carcass.
Ex: Next the book was placed on the sewing frame, and the folded sheets were sewn by hand with needle and thread on to four or five cords or thongs.
Ex: The intention is to establish a general framework, and then to give exceptions or further explanation and examples for each area in turn.
Ex: In the same way that citation orders may have more or less theoretical foundations, equally reference generation may follow a predetermined pattern.
Ex: This chapter does not consider the principles underlying AACR, nor does it review the structure of the code to any significant extent.
Ex: The fruits of Mr. Kilgour's labors and creations have substantially altered the texture of contemporary America library service = Los frutos de los trabajos y creaciones del Sr. Kilgour han alterado sustancialmente la naturaleza del servicio bibliotecario de la América contemporánea.
Ex: Special attention should be given to Figure 2, which proposes two lattices (or ladders) for career movement in libraries.
Ex: The conventional pattern of change has been an evolutionary introduction of the use of technology with no unusual signs of strain in the organizational fabric.
Ex: The bathroom cabinet carcass is made of plywood.
* con estructura de acero = steel-framed.
* con estructura de madera = timber-framed.
* de estructura de acero = steel-framed.
* de estructura de madera = timber-framed.
* DSIS (Sistema de Indización de Estructura Profunda) = DISI (Deep Structure Indexing System).
* estructura arbórea = tree structure.
* estructura básica = skeleton.
* estructura de apoyo = support structure.
* estructura de datos = data structure.
* estructura de ficheros = file design.
* estructura de la institución = organisational structure.
* estructura del edificio = building shell.
* estructura del registro = record structure.
* estructura de madera = wood structure.
* estructura demográfica = demographics.
* estructura de poder = power structure.
* estructura de red = network structure.
* estructura fiscal = tax structure.
* estructura jerárquica = chain of command ; hierarchical structure.
* estructura jerárquica de gestión = line management.
* estructura jerárquica de una organización = hierarchy ladder.
* estructura laboral = job structuring.
* estructura lógica = logical data structure.
* estructura molecular = molecular structure.
* estructura organizativa = organisational structure.
* estructura ósea = bone structure.
* estructura piramidal = pyramid structure.
* estructura química = chemical structure.
* estructura relacional = relation structure.
* estructura social = social structure.
* fichero con estructura de red = networked file.
* gastos de estructura = overhead costs.
* ingeniero de estructuras = structural engineer.
* libro con estructura plegable = pop-up book.
* reparador de estructuras altas = steeplejack.
* sin estructura = unstructured.
* Sistema de Indización de Estructura Profunda (DSIS) = Deep Structure Indexing System (DSIS).
* una estructura de = a pattern of.
* vivienda con estructura de madera = frame dwelling.
(v.) = structure.
Ex: The large cataloguing record data bases are structured according to a format known as the MARC format.

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