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study, learn, educate oneself; think about, ponder; examine, investigate; observe; memorize

you study

(v.) = analyse [analyze, -USA] ; envisage ; examine ; explore ; look ; look at ; look into ; ponder (over/on/upon) ; present + discussion ; study ; survey ; think out ; weigh ; work on ; get into ; see about ; observe ; weigh up ; look toward(s) ; review ; work through ; probe ; quarry for ; bone up on ; swot up ; swot ; hit + the books ; pound + the books.
Ex: With a clear objective, the next step is to analyse the concepts that are present in a search.
Ex: It is fairly common to have to modify a standard list, or compile a fresh list when a new application is envisaged.
Ex: The article 'Home schoolers: a forgotten clientele?' examines ways in which the library can support parents and children in the home schooling situation.
Ex: Next I will illustrate a simple search profile which does not explore all possible synonyms, but does serve to illustrate weighted term logic.
Ex: This chapter takes the opportunity to look at an assortment of other aspects of bibliographic description.
Ex: This article looks at three interrelated issues regarding on-line services based on the recent literature.
Ex: The main concern is to look into current use of, and interest in, electronic information services, and also to gauge opinion on setting up a data base concerned solely with development issues.
Ex: If we instruct it to ponder this question more leisurely, it will quickly try the user's patience with digressions concerning the less illustrious senior MOZART, LEOPOLD.
Ex: This article presents a detailed discussion of the use of Hypermedia for authoring, organisation and presentation of information.
Ex: Each of the binders is portable and can be separately studied.
Ex: Chapters 7 and 8 introduced the problems associated with author cataloguing and have surveyed the purpose of cataloguing codes.
Ex: A recitation of the best thought out principles for a cataloging code is easily drowned out by the clatter of a bank of direct access devices vainly searching for misplaced records.
Ex: Examines the advantages and disadvantages of approval plans suggesting that each library must carefully weigh them in order to determine its own best course of action.
Ex: I've been working on next year's budget, and it would be fair to add eight percent to materials and salaries.
Ex: 'But didn't you say that one of the reasons you wanted to leave was because you were tired of macramËéË and wanted to get into computers?'.
Ex: The head of reference told me that he's going to see about a dress code for the staff, prohibiting slacks for women.
Ex: 141 data bases were observed, most of them had been developed in the life sciences as well as in the earth, ocean and space sciences.
Ex: The author weighs up whether a dumbing down has taken place in the UK tabloid and broadsheet press.
Ex: Libraries are looking towards some sort of cooperative system.
Ex: There is only space to review briefly the special problems associated with the descriptive cataloguing of nonbook materials.
Ex: Some theorists hold that one stage must be completely worked through before the next stage can be entered.
Ex: The librarian sometimes must probe to discover the context of the question and to be able to discuss various possible approaches and explore their merits.
Ex: The surviging chronicles, annals, and histories have been extensively quarried for the information they reveal about the events of their time.
Ex: Gain a strategic advantage in pharmaceutical litigation by boning up on epidemiology.
Ex: I did the theory so long ago I will need to swot up again before I do the exam.
Ex: Around the country schoolchildren and university students are swotting and sweating as they prepare to sit papers that could decide their future.
Ex: Plymouth's swimming superstar Ruta Meilutyte is hitting the books as well as the pool in a bid to safeguard her future.
Ex: Every student knows that studying is important, and that its hard to pass your test without pounding the books.
* al estudiar Algo más detenidamente = on closer examination ; on closer inspection.
* estudiar a fondo = delve into ; dig into.
* estudiar Algo = be under consideration.
* estudiar desde una perspectiva = see through.
* estudiar detenidamente = take + a hard look at ; take + a long hard look at ; go through ; be carefully considered ; think through.
* estudiar el modo de = explore + ways in which ; explore + ways and means of.
* estudiar en detalle = study + at length.
* estudiar en el extranjero = study abroad ; study + abroad.
* estudiar en una Universidad = attend + Universidad.
* estudiar hasta muy tarde = burn + the midnight oil.
* estudiar la evolución histórica de Algo = historicise [historicize, -USA].
* estudiar la manera de = explore + ways in which ; explore + ways and means of.
* estudiar la posibilidad = explore + the possibility.
* estudiar minuciosamente = study + in great depth ; pore.
* estudiar + Nombre + teniendo en cuenta + Nombre = place + Nombre + against the background of + Nombre.
* estudiar una alternativa = explore + an alternative.
* estudiar una necesidad = analyse + a need.
* estudiar una posibilidad = explore + an idea.
* estudiar una Titulación = work toward/on + Titulación.
* estudiar un tema = pursue + subject.
* merecer la pena estudiar Algo = repay + study.

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