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stage, phase; degree; leg, lap; food ration

leg , stage


(n.) = phase ; stage ; step ; chapter.
Ex: This planning phase involves moving from a vague impression that a thesaurus might be useful to a fairly precise profile for the thesaurus.
Ex: The first stage in the choice of access points must be the definition of an author.
Ex: The first step in assigning intellectual responsibility to a corporate body must be a definition of a corporate body.
Ex: The late 18th century heyday of aristocratic libraries was a brief but important chapter in Hungarian library history.
* eliminación por etapas = phase-out ; phasing-out.
* eliminar por etapas = phase out.
* empezar una nueva etapa en la vida = turn over + a new page ; turn over + a new leaf.
* en tres etapas = three-step.
* en varias etapas = multistage [multi-stage] ; multi-step.
* etapa anterior a la impresión = prepress [pre-press].
* etapa culminante = peak period.
* etapa de desarollo = stage of development.
* etapa de desarrollo = developmental stage.
* etapa de la vida = life stage.
* etapa de planificación = planning stage.
* etapa final = output stage.
* etapa inicial = input stage ; early stage.
* llegar a una etapa = reach + a point.
* marcar una etapa = mark + a stage.
* por etapas = staged.
* primera etapa = early days.
* subetapa = sub-stage.
* superar la etapa de = move on from.
* volver a la etapa de planificación = return to + the drawing boards ; back to the drawing board.

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