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perpetual, eternal; permanent; unending; immortal, ageless


(adj.) = eternal ; everlasting ; never-finishing ; haunting ; timeless ; never-ending ; ageless ; long drawn-out ; drawn-out ; long-drawn.
Ex: In conversing with her you hadn't got to tread lightly and warily, lest at any moment you might rupture the relationship, and tumble into eternal disgrace.
Ex: Appraisal is the single most important function performed by an archivist because it has wide-reaching and everlasting social implications.
Ex: And becoming aware (a never-finishing process of intelligent life) is in itself action.
Ex: When the Jesuit order left China they left behind, as their last legacy, a haunting epitaph: 'Move on, voyager, congratulate the dead, console the living, pray for everyone, wonder, and be silent'.
Ex: There are timeless social principles underlying the specific legislation of the Old Testament.
Ex: His, he concludes, is the never-ending search for what is new in the world out yonder.
Ex: I will be back soon with more of what this blog is all about: how to live well, have fun, and remain ageless, in any economy.
Ex: The long drawn-out dispute over the India Office Library in London is probably the most well-known instance of what is a quite common phenomenon.
Ex: The drawn-out battle between Teresa and Melissa looks like it's finally taken a turn for the better.
Ex: Kenya is looking at a long-drawn war in Somalia in 2012 contrary to the earlier indications that it was going to be a swift operation.
* ciudad eterna, la = Eternal City, the.
* derecho eterno = eternal right.
* descanso eterno = eternal rest.
* gloria eterna = eternal glory.
* verdades eternas = nuggets of truth.
* verdades eternas, las = eternal verities, the.
* verdad eterna = eternal truth.

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