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avoid, evade; obviate, prevent; shirk; preclude; save

obviate, provide

to avoid

(v.) = avoid ; bypass [by-pass] ; eschew ; guard against ; impede ; prevent ; shy away from ; deflect ; forestall ; avert ; preempt [pre-empt] ; shun ; be shy of + Gerundio ; sidestep [side-step] ; steer + clear (of) ; steer away from ; get (a)round ; shy from ; stave off ; baulk [balk, -USA] ; hamstring ; ward off ; head off ; skirt ; give + Nombre + a wide berth ; stay + clear (of) ; keep + clear (of) ; stay (well) away from ; steer + past.
Ex: This situation requires a very skilled information worker if total disaster is to be avoided.
Ex: She repeatedly bypassed the catalog because she was an inveterate fiction reader and approached the A section of the fiction shelf expecting to find Sholom Aleichem under ALEICHEM.
Ex: However, most contributors to the debate about the future of SLIS have eschewed practicalities in favour of sweeping and dramatic generalizations.
Ex: The system will ask you to enter the new password a second time to help guard against keying errors.
Ex: In early 1984 we were invited to undertake a survey of the fourteen schools of librarianship and information studies in England and Wales, giving particular attention to the constraints impeding or preventing desirable change.
Ex: To prevent an entry under the first name(s), these must be entered on a separate line with the subfield code 'j'.
Ex: Those who conscientiously attempt to keep abreast of current thought might well shy away from an examination calculated to show how much of the previous month's efforts could be produced on call.
Ex: Questions such as 'Can I help you?' on the part of the librarian are easily deflected by a hasty, perhaps automatic and ill-considered, 'Oh, no thanks' by the user.
Ex: In order to forestall such an event, some libraries in Britain were stung into action by the publication of an Act of Parliament which totally ignored public libraries.
Ex: He often did this, almost unconsciously, to avert an immediate sign of reaction to an irksome confrontation.
Ex: This article concludes that the main value of the indicators is as a management tool, as a means of preempting problems.
Ex: Traditionally these books have been shunned because of their fragile nature, but librarians are finding that a small collection can enliven story times.
Ex: Printers or publishers were sometimes shy of giving their real names -- usually because a book was treasonable, or libellous, or a piracy -- and for similar reasons they might give a false place of publication and a false date.
Ex: This article discusses how to start projects on the right footing by defining objectives and planning properly to help sidestep pitfalls which can be associated with bespoke software development.
Ex: This entire target market has steered clear of the public library.
Ex: This article gives guidance for steering away from some of the more obvious pitfalls when buying software.
Ex: The view of most users is that they can get around the restriction in a number of ways.
Ex: I have not shied from identifying some of the obstacles to achieving this vision.
Ex: They resorted to exercising to stave off unwanted weight gain believed to be caused by alcohol use.
Ex: While many scholars concede that military interventions are sometimes permissible, they balk when it comes to deciding whether they are ever a moral duty.
Ex: Instead, the proposed regulations would hamstring public access.
Ex: The most strenuous efforts will not always ensure success, nor the boldest arm of human power ward off the stroke of misfortune.
Ex: And this stimulus is working in the sense that it has headed off the imminent risk of a deflationary spiral.
Ex: Bridleways that cross arable land may be legally ploughed up, but not those that skirt a field.
Ex: Under the new law, motorists must give 'a wide berth' to stationary emergency vehicles displaying blue, red, or amber emergency warning lights.
Ex: In addition, a towboat without barges in front of it may be towing astern with the towline submerged -- so stay clear! .
Ex: Residents are being advised to keep clear of seal pups if they find them on the beach or run the risk of committing an offence.
Ex: This, again, is an area most libraries -- at least the ones I'm familiar with -- have tended to stay away from.
Ex: Andrew has a knack for engaging with people and is adept at steering people past conflict without getting ruffled or losing his sense of humour.
* acto de evitar = avoidance.
* agacharse para evitar = duck out of + harm's way.
* el evitar = avoidance.
* evitar discutir una cuestión = circumvent + an issue.
* evitar el desastre = ward off + disaster ; avert + disaster ; stave off + disaster.
* evitar el encuentro (con) = steer + clear (of) ; give + Nombre + a wide berth ; steer away from ; stay + clear (of) ; keep + clear (of).
* evitar el enfrentamiento = avoid + confrontation.
* evitar el mal = shun + evil.
* evitar la confrontación = avoid + confrontation.
* evitar la delincuencia = prevent + crime.
* evitar la fama = shun + the public eye ; keep out of + the public eye.
* evitar la publicidad = shun + the public eye ; keep out of + the public eye.
* evitar las aglomeraciones = beat + the crowd(s) ; beat + the queues ; beat + the rush.
* evitar + Nombre = get (a)round + Nombre.
* evitar polémicas = eschew + issues.
* evitar problemas = stay out of + trouble.
* evitar que = keep from.
* evitar que + entrar = keep + Nombre + out ; keep + Nombre + out of it.
* evitar que + escapar = keep + Nombre + in.
* evitar que + Nombre + Subjuntivo = save + Nombre + from + Gerundio.
* evitar que + salir = keep + Nombre + in.
* evitar ser afectado = escape + unaffected.
* evitar temas delicados = eschew + issues.
* evitar un accidente = prevent + an accident.
* evitar una cuestión = skirt + an issue ; tiptoe around + an issue.
* evitar una infección = prevent + an infection.
* evitar un error = avoid + error.
* evitar un problema = avoid + a problem.
* evitar un riesgo = duck + risk.
* evitar un tema = skirt + an issue ; tiptoe around + an issue.
* forma de evitar Algo = way round + Algo.
* forma de evitar una dificultad = way (a)round + difficulty.
* forma de evitar un problema = way round + a problem.
* intentar evitar = fight + shy of.
* lo que hay que hacer y lo que hay que evitar = do's and don'ts ; rights and wrongs.
* no poder evitar + Infinitivo = cannot help + Gerundio ; cannot help but + Verbo.
* no poder evitarlo = cannot help + Reflexivo.
* no poder evitar mencionar = cannot but notice.
* no pude evitar notar que = couldn't help but notice (that).
* para evitar su uso indebido por los niños = childproof.
* proteger Algo para evitar su uso indebido por los niños = childproof.

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