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excellent, superior, extraordinary, outstanding
excellence, superiority; high quality, excellent quality

fine, great


(adj.) = excellent ; fantastic ; outstanding ; supine ; superb ; vintage ; sterling ; upscale ; fantastical ; fantastical ; tip-top ; great ; princely ; out of this world ; to die for ; a heck of a + Nombre ; upmarket.
Ex: The use of clear armoured glass walls gives excellent visual supervision in the Rare Book Room and in the Manuscript and Local History Reading Room.
Ex: GODORT has done a fantastic job of dealing with and solving documents problems.
Ex: The PRECIS indexing system is a set of procedures for producing index entries which in theoretical terms represents an advance outstanding for its highly formularized approach to citation order and reference, or added entry, generation.
Ex: His point is apparently that the public library needs to be more than a supine service.
Ex: The image of the reference librarian, as portrayed by Katherine Hepburn in the film, 'Desk Set,' suggests the superb flair and intellectual acumen with which reference librarians would like to dazzle their patrons.
Ex: Indeed, advantage was taken of the tenth anniversary of British membership to make 1983 a vintage year for monographs on the European Communities.
Ex: It does not seem to me to be a nine days wonder but a fundamental change of heart that is rejuvenating traditional reference services which have done sterling service over the years.
Ex: The hotel features 428 newly renovated guest rooms with upscale southwestern décor and private balconies with gorgeous mountain views = El hotel ofrece 428 habitaciones renovadas recientemente con una decoración de lujo al estilo del suroeste del país y balcones con magníficas vistas a las montañas.
Ex: Adorno's distinction between fantastical thought & the commodification of fantasy in the form of literature is addressed.
Ex: Adorno's distinction between fantastical thought & the commodification of fantasy in the form of literature is addressed.
Ex: It's a tip-top place from top to bottom with no letdowns whatsoever.
Ex: Click on 'add new experience', provide as much details as you can, and let us know why you think they are so great.
Ex: By my most delightful excursion was to Hamilton itself, one of the most princely places I have ever visited.
Ex: I get a kick when I'm on my racing bike, and when I have my skates on it's out of this world.
Ex: This is a story that can't possibly work or affect us, but it does, deeply, sweetly -- it's a novel to die for.
Ex: Well, it's been a heck of a weekend so far.
Ex: A large number of wine bars, upmarket drinking establishments and themed pubs have opened in recent times, especially in the city centre.
* ejemplo excelente = shining example.
* en excelente estado = in tip-top condition ; in tip-top form.
* en excelentes condiciones = in tip-top condition ; in tip-top form.
* forma excelente = commanding form.
* sentirse excelente = feel + tip-top.
* ser un + Nombre + excelente = be a prince of a + Nombre.

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