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exact, demand, require; levy; need, necessitate; beg

(v.) = have + calls for ; call for ; demand ; make + demand ; mandate ; require ; place + demands on ; clamour for [clamor, -USA] ; finger-snapping ; exact ; hold out for.
Ex: For some while there have been calls for an abbreviated version of AACR, for small libraries and for non-cataloguers.
Ex: The main rules call for entry of societies under name and institutions under place.
Ex: The other part of the picture reveals title indexes to be only crude subject indexes, which for effective use demand imagination and searching skills on the part of the user.
Ex: Also, informative abstracts make greater demands upon appreciation of subject content than indicative abstracts.
Ex: Adequate security for expensive equipment must also be provided for in this decision, and a secluded back room, a remote phone cut-off switch, or a removable keyboard may be mandated.
Ex: If the library wants all users to have passwords, an authorization level of 1 can be assigned in the search function to force the system to require a password.
Ex: The latest developments in pharmacology are placing new demands on pharmaceutical libraries especially for information on the field of biopharmacology.
Ex: I've seen people clamor for a say and when it's given to them they don't take it.
Ex: The stereotype of the decision-maker as a person who does nothing but finger-snapping and button-pushing fades with systematic research and analysis.
Ex: Every time the monarch came to parliament to pass a new tax bill, the parliament obliged only after exacting more liberty from him.
Ex: Edward had wanted to make her his mistress, but she held out for marriage.
* exigir demasiado = overtax.
* exigir demasiado a los recursos = stretch + Posesivo + resources.
* exigir demasiado de = put + strain on.
* exigir el derecho a = press + Posesivo + claim.
* exigir esfuerzo = take + effort.
* exigir justicia = press + Posesivo + claim.
* exigir + Posesivo + atención = demand + Posesivo + attention.
* exigir rescate por Algo = hold + Nombre + for ransom.
* exigir responsabilidades = hold + Nombre + liable ; hold + Nombre + accountable for.
* exigirse a Uno mismo = push + Reflexivo + forward.
* exigir un rescate = ransom.

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