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alien population
foreign; outlandish
alien, foreigner, stranger; foreign parts

foreign languages


(n.) = foreigner ; outlander ; expat ; foreign national ; alien.
Ex: Donations from foreigners and expatriate Guyanese have been critical to maintaining book lists at the National Library.
Ex: 'Small, near-sighted, dreaming, bruised, an outlander in the city of his birth,' thirteen-year-old Aremis Slake fled one day to the only refuge he knew, the New York subway system.
Ex: I would also like to know where to find other expats in Dusseldorf would have the same like for beer/wine and talking rubbish.
Ex: All persons in the United States, including foreign nationals, have certain basic rights that must be respected.
Ex: He then ended his affair with Mia, Bram's housekeeper cum lottery winner and daughter of the kook who swears he was abuducted by aliens.
* en manos de extranjeros = foreign-owned.
* en propiedad de extranjeros = foreign-owned.
(adj.) = foreign ; overseas ; alien.
Ex: Many libraries have special collections of foreign, unpublished or unusual materials which include items unlikely to be acquired by other libraries.
Ex: The National Library of Australia is the only library in the country with a large collection of overseas documents and in this capacity holds exhibitions of these materials.
Ex: Libraries in developing countries may represent part of an alien cultural package, an importation ill suited to the country's needs, even working at cross purposes to the people's interests.
* agente extranjero = foreign agent.
* con destino en el extranjero = serve + overseas.
* de origen extranjero = foreign-born.
* estudiante extranjero = foreign student ; overseas student ; exchange student ; international student.
* inversionista extranjero = foreign investor.
* jugador extranjero = foreign player.
* Legión Extranjera, la = Foreign Legion, the.
* lengua extranjera = foreign language ; foreign tongue.
* mano de obra extranjera = foreign labour.
* mercado de moneda extranjera = foreign currency market.
* moneda extranjera = foreign currency.
* ocupación extranjera = foreign occupation.
* país extranjero = foreign country ; overseas country.
* potencia extranjera = foreign power.
* que suena extranjero = foreign sounding.
* turista extranjero = foreign tourist.

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