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factory, building in which products are manufactured; any location which mass-produces one type of product (can be used figuratively)
manufacture, make by machine (especially on a large scale); create, make, produce; mass-produce; fabricate, invent

plant, factory, manufactory factory

it manufactures factory

(n.) = factory ; manufacturing firm ; manufactory ; manufacturing enterprise ; plant ; manufacturing plant.
Ex: A thesaurus might advise the searcher that the following alternative terms might prove fruitful: factories and other more specific terms, e.g. Printing works.
Ex: Fee-for-service programmes can target non-traditional market segments such as pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, and manufacturing firms who regularly need and willingly pay a premium price for perishable medical information.
Ex: The strength of the book 'The American manufactory' lies in its detailed narratives of success and failure.
Ex: The author attempts to determine whether South African manufacturing enterprises used information to their competitive advantage.
Ex: The author describes the approach and its application to 2 different processes: coffee roasting and decaffeination in a Nestle plant.
Ex: Greater London constituted Britain's most important interwar centre for new manufacturing plants.
* como salido de fábrica = in mint condition.
* defecto de fábrica = manufacturing defect.
* fábrica azucarera = sugar mill.
* fábrica de asfalto = asphalt plant.
* fábrica de automóviles = car factory.
* fábrica de azúcar = sugar factory.
* fábrica de azúcar de remolacha = beet sugar factory.
* fábrica de carruajes = carriage-making plant.
* fábrica de cemento = cement plant.
* fábrica de cerámica = ceramics factory.
* fábrica de cerveza = brewery.
* fábrica de coches = car factory.
* fábrica de conservas = cannery.
* fábrica de diplomados = diploma mill.
* fábrica de laminación de acero = steel mill.
* fábrica de licenciados = diploma mill.
* fábrica de muebles = furniture factory.
* fábrica de papel = paper mill ; pulp and paper mill.
* fábrica de tejidos de algodón = mill ; cotton mill.
* fábrica de titulados = diploma mill.
* fábrica de toneles = cooperage.
* fábrica de vidrios = glass factory.
* fábrica textil = mill.
* máquina de fábrica = manufacturing equipment.
* perforado de fábrica = pre-drilled.
* propietario de una fábrica textil = wool-factor.
* tienda de fábrica = factory outlet.
* trabajador de fábrica = factory worker ; factory hand.
(v.) = manufacture ; fabricate.
Ex: This simple keypad, with no alphabetical characters, can be manufactured cheaply.
Ex: This means that it will become possible to fabricate many complete processors on one chip.
* calandria para fabricar tela = cloth-maker's calender.
* fabricar cerveza = brew + beer.
* fabricar en serie = mass-produce.
* fabricar un artefacto = manufacture + artifact.
* máquina de fabricar tapas = casemaking machine.

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