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easy, mild, slight; comfortable, facile; worry-free, painless

lightly, easy, easily, light easy, facile

easy easy

(adj.) = easy ; untaxing ; unobtrusive ; smooth ; painless ; undemanding ; effortless ; straightforward ; hassle-free ; no-brainer ; cushy .
Ex: Obviously with the definition of what constitutes an entire work still pending it is not easy to define analytical cataloguing precisely.
Ex: At other times they may be doing nothing else but relax: passing the time in a pleasant if untaxing recreation.
Ex: New technologies will enable interfaces composed of unobtrusive physiological monitors and prosthetics.
Ex: Some librarians anxious to make the transfer from the children's to the adult department as smooth as possible, often create a 'young adults' fiction section within the children's department.
Ex: Almost without exception libraries have agreed with the liberal-minded who wanted to make the immigrants' transition into a new society as painless as possible.
Ex: This very absence of quality is what makes these books attractive to children, not just because they are easy to read, undemanding, untaxing, but because the simplistic plots and characters leave children free to embroider and enrich the stories in their own way as they read.
Ex: The effortless ease of such replies does conceal from the enquirer the extensive anticipatory effort of the librarian in studying the sources of information and his prior experience in their use.
Ex: Even in this apparently straightforward situation, complications can arise.
Ex: Cooking dry beans in the crockpot makes them relatively hassle-free = Cocinar las legumbres secas en una olla de cocción lenta es relativamente fácil.
Ex: Recycling is a no-brainer since it conserves our natural resources and reduces air pollution.
Ex: Convicts pass up the chance to escape because conditions are too cushy, experts say = Según los expertos, los presos dejan pasar la oportunidad de escapar porque las condiciones en las que viven son demasiado cómodas.
* algo fácil = no-brainer.
* blanco fácil = ripe target.
* cada vez más fácil = ever easier.
* camino más fácil, el = path of least resistance, the ; line of least resistance, the.
* de consulta fácil = scannable.
* de fácil acceso = easily available ; over the counter ; handy.
* de fácil alcance para = within easy reach of.
* de fácil manejo = liftable.
* de forma que resulta más fácil de entender = in digestible form.
* de la forma más fácil = the easy way .
* de la manera más fácil = the easy way .
* de lectura fácil = easy reading.
* del modo más fácil = the easy way .
* demasiado fácil = all too easy ; far too easy.
* de modo fácil = with the tip of a hat.
* dinero fácil = get-rich-quick ; easy money.
* elegir el camino más fácil = take + the easy way out ; take + the path of least resistance.
* elegir la solución más fácil = take + the easy way out ; take + the path of least resistance.
* es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo = be easier said than done.
* fácil de complacer = low maintenance ; easy-going [easygoing].
* fácil de comprender = easy to grasp.
* fácil de conseguir = readily available ; easy-to-get ; readily accessible ; easy to come by.
* fácil de consultar por el usuario = browser-friendly.
* fácil de contentar = easy-going [easygoing] ; low maintenance.
* fácil de cuantificar = measurable.
* fácil de definir = easy-to-define.
* fácil de entender = easy to understand.
* fácil de leer = easy-to-read.
* fácil de localizar = traceable ; retraceable.
* fácil de masticar = chewy .
* fácil de medir = measurable.
* fácil de obtener = easy to come by.
* fácil de olvidar = forgettable.
* fácil de recuperar = easily-retrievable.
* fácil de usar = easy-to-use ; user friendly.
* ganar dinero fácil = make + easy money ; make + a quick buck ; make + a fast buck.
* hacer dinero fácil = make + a quick buck ; make + a fast buck ; make + easy money.
* hacerse Algo fácil = make it + easy on + Reflexivo.
* hacerse fácil = become + convenient.
* la escapatoria más fácil = the easy way out.
* la solución más fácil = the easy way out.
* más fácil de entender para nosotros = closer to home.
* mujer fácil = loose woman.
* no haber escapatoria fácil = there + be + no easy way out.
* no haber salida fácil = there + be + no easy way out.
* no haber solución fácil = there + be + no easy way out.
* no ser fácil = have + a difficult time ; be no picnic ; not be easy.
* no ser nada fácil = be hard-pushed to.
* no tener fácil arreglo = there + be + no easy way out.
* optar por el camino más fácil = take + the easy way out ; take + the path of least resistance.
* optar por la solución más fácil = take + the easy way out ; take + the path of least resistance.
* para hacer más fácil = for ease of.
* para su fácil + Nombre = for ease of + Nombre.
* presa fácil = sitting duck ; easy prey.
* resultar fácil = be easy.
* se dice pronto, pero no es tan fácil = be easier said than done.
* seguir el camino más fácil = follow + the line of least resistance ; follow + the path of least resistance.
* ser algo fácil = be a cinch ; be a doddle ; be a breeze ; be a picnic ; be duck soup ; be a walk in the park.
* ser algo muy fácil de conseguir = be there for the taking.
* ser fácil = be easy.
* ser fácil de conseguir = be readily available.
* solución fácil = easy recipe ; easy solution ; cut-and-dried solution.
* tan fácil como coser y cantar = as simple as ABC ; as easy as ABC.
* tenerlo fácil = have + an easy ride ; have it + easy ; have + an easy time.
* tenerlo fácil, tenerlo todo hecho = have + a cushy ride.
* vida fácil = fast living.

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